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How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc

Do you really want to be a part of the Pakistan ISI then you must know How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc as the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence is the premier intelligence service of Pakistan. It provides critical national security and intelligence assessment to the Government of Pakistan. It is the largest of the three intelligence services of Pakistan. We have to Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI). This Inter-Services Intelligence stands on the list of the top intelligence agencies in the world. so the procedure to join ISI is not as tough as we consider but it requires a proper channel and a way to enter here on this page, we will guide all the candidates who want to join ISI Pakistan after FSC so If you want to be part of Inter-Services Intelligence after FSC then here is this post that will let you know that how you can be part of this reputable and prestigious institution:

How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc

This is really an honor for a person when he or she is a part of the Pakistan ISI because in the top-secret agencies of the world, ISI Pakistan stands first or second for a long time. Down here on this page, we will completely guide you about joining ISI Pakistan so you have to read till the end. Still, if you are confused or want a little more help then you can comment your query at the end of this page so that our department will assist you and guide you properly.

How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc

Join ISI Pakistan

All those candidates who want to be a part of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI Pakistan can join this Agency as an Officer or Agent it depends on your mentality level and in which category do you fall. Well there are two Ways How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc and that is

  • The Indirect Way (Join ISI as an Officer)
  • The Direct Way (Join ISI as a Civilian)

How To Join ISI Pakistan as an Officer

This is the indirect way to Join ISI Pakistan. In this way first of all those candidates who have cleared the FSc in pre-Medical or FSc in pre-engineering join the armed forces. These forces can be the Pakistan Army, the Pakistan Air Force, or the Pakistan Navy. You can join the armed forces in any of the categories that are through an officer, through a short service Commission, through a commissioned officer, or through a Non-Commissioned officer. After all the basic tests to join the armed forces, you will be selected and then there you will be sent to the Inter-Service Intelligence School where you need to complete the course and you will be posted as the Field Intelligence Units (FIU) and if your performance is well enough to satisfy your senior then you will be permanently part of the ISI.

How To Join ISI As A Civilian

For all the civilians, it is through FPSC that you get to know that Inter-Services Intelligence has opened the vacancies in their departments. FPSC issues a notice in the newspapers and then the test is held that tests the aptitude level, and creativity of the candidate. The test consists of the MCQS and subjects are mostly of general knowledge, English, and current affairs.

  • When the written test is passed by the candidate then he has to appear for the psychological test. This kind of test includes a picture drawing test, a sentence completion test, and others.
  • All the candidates who passed this psychological test, then appear in the final interview.
  • Normally, 3 chances are given to the candidates to be a part of this Inter-Services Intelligence. If you fail on the first attempt then you can appear after getting done with the graduation. If you fail on the 2nd attempt then you can also appear for the 3rd time after completing your master’s degree.
  • It is not only for the FSC students that Inter-Services Intelligence opens the posts, graduating students, as well as master students, can also be part of this Inter-Services Intelligence and they have to go through this same process as the way FSC students have to go through.

It is seen that Inter-Services Intelligence opens and announces vacancies in very little time. They have few vacancies but all those who get successful to become a part of this institution, are the lucky ones. If you have done F.SC and you want to be a part of Inter-Services Intelligence then keep connected with us on this webpage to get to know How To Join ISI Pakistan After FSc. We will be updating you if Inter-Services Intelligence announces any post for their department. For right now, just start the preparation of improving your vocabulary and English and also aptitude questions. As soon as they will announce the vacancies, we will keep you updated.


  1. I want to join ISI but I have done intermediate in commerce and I am 33 years old. I am also Hafiz e Quran . Is there any possibility that I can be a part of this prestigious organization

  2. SALAM
    i want to join ISI after F.s.c i wants to do something for Pakistan please infom me about the timing and vaccancies of ISI


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