Gender Discrimination in Pakistan Essay

“Gender Discrimination in Pakistan Essay” Gender discrimination is the idea that men and women are not equal. It is universal as well as the dichotomous idea. Ones that have less economic power is considered more. Discrimination root is when your boss treats you in an inferior way as compared to other fellows. Discrimination is there all around the world. We can easily avoid this by taking actions, keep records, education is the best tool. Raise your voice to your right.

 Gender Discrimination in Pakistan Essay

Gender Discrimination in Pakistan Essay

Gender Discrimination at the workplace in Pakistan

In Pakistan, man is the dominant relations. Women in this world are considering inferior to man. Gender discrimination is inhibiting the women skills and ability to do work is also decreased. Women have lesser opportunities as compared to man. Lack of legal rights, the public services, and the resources is making women helpless. The gender gap in workplaces is more than in any other department. In Pakistan women of all the ages are bearing such problems and are given as unpaid housewife. The sexual harassment is increasing at workplaces too due to the inferiority of women. In old ages, the social protection was linked to the male member and it remains doubtful and delicate matter, this creates disruption of families. Women are working unpaid and in 2008, there was a high percentage of women who are working unpaid. About 22.9 percent women are working in the agriculture area and with no salary. Only about 12.9 percent of women are paid. Many females are facing discrimination at the workplaces in the areas of economic empowerment and they are unable to cross the barriers. Women in Pakistan cannot even stand side by side to man in the offices and companies. The only respectable job is teaching for women and now a day’s even this profession is not good for the women due to environmental effects. Women who have the courage to do office works and business is pissed off not to do things like this, they are abused.

Gender Discrimination in our Society Essay

In the Islamic Republic law, the government has given all rights to women too. If a man gets a job his problems are solved but when women get a job their problems can be multiplied. Gender discrimination means biases with the gender; this is called an inequality to deal with both genders. In the past women were confined to their homes only and were consider as child producing machine, but now in this Era women have raised their voices for their rights. According to surveys female are working at low salary as compared to men. Gender discrimination is an actual social problem and people are trying to solve it. Socially men are superior. In Asia, gender discrimination is a tradition. Due to gender discrimination women has gone into depression. Baby girl is considering as a bad omen in our society gender discrimination starts from the very first day of life. Many societies like Rights of Child (CRC) and convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination (CEDAW) are working on the rights of women.

Gender Discrimination in Education in Pakistan:

‘The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet’

Education is considered as the tool from which women can win and can have the best role in the society. In the past decades, women were considered to be at home only. They were restricted to go to primary school too. They were married at early ages and were illiterate. Now Malala Yusafzai is making efforts for the education of women and she is doing well for Pakistani women. She also receives threat when she talks about the education for women. Our Prophet (S.AW) also makes the education as an important part of the system. Despite the Quran word IQRA, gender discrimination in society is at its peak. People don’t even follow Quran. There are many reasons why women are not the part of education and these are: early marriages and pregnancy, the social attitudes, violence, abuse. Madam Curie the greatest scientist, Parveen Shakir the great poetess and Benazir Bhutto has set examples for the women. Educating the women is the best tool to eliminate poverty.

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