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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay in English

Today we will write about the “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay in English”. Once there lived a small family in the village. They were lively, hardworking and simple people. The family owner was a farmer, they had an attractive vegetable farm and this farm was the source of their living. The farmer had arranged rows and rows of vegetables on his farm and his farm was the place of peacefulness for others.

Unfortunately as with all the beautiful things evil eyes are there, same was the case with the farmer’s farm, the flood came and his entire village was destroyed. But in this bad time farmer remain positive and he managed the things with his savings. They managed to move somewhere else. The farmer’s wife decided to take his family to her home, thought that she will ask for her share from her brothers. She shared her plan with her husband and thinking to start farming there. When they reached there and asked for share, her selfish and mean brothers rejected.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay in English

Mother was very worried, her eldest son said, don’t worry mother we will find out the solution and will fight against our problem. They made a small shelter in a corner of the land. They start tilling the land; they need water for planting seeds. They got worried but their faith in God, leads them towards success, they had a hope that all problems will be solved if God is with them.

On the very next day, the youngest brother saw the reed grass while digging the soil. They became very happy as the reed grass was an indication that there is water under the ground, and “God gives them away.” We don’t need to worry anymore we find the clue and eldest brother said I hope and I am sure that we will get water. Where there is hope there is a will the eldest brother said, the brave and united brothers started to dig the soil as they hope to find water on their own land. After the continuous laborious hard work, they reached the water. They got the fruit of their efforts. The good days were finding their way again. God always help those who are committed to and do hard work for their aim to achieve.

Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

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