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Health Is Wealth Essay In English For Class 10

Health Is Wealth Essay In English For Class 10 is our today topic that is available here. Health is wealth is a famous proverb. This proverb refers the importance of health. Health is far more important than wealth. Health is more precious than wealth. Wealth means richness, while health means free from illness, injury, enjoy their life in physical, mental, social, intellectual aspect.  Health is priceless. If the person has a wealth he can buy everything every luxury of life. But a wealthy man is unable to purchase health. Health is costless. Health is important to spend a peaceful and prosperous life. Health is essential for successful and happy life. Health has more worth than money has, because healthy man can buy anything any luxury of life. A healthy man can bring wealth to his life through hard working, great zeal, and fervor.

On the other hand money and wealth cannot buy health happiness peaceful life prosperity and success in a life. Money cannot bring internal happiness and peace. It just brings state of happiness for a short duration of time. A good health keeps a person away from infectious, contagious and fatal diseases.

On the other hand, an unhealthy person cannot get success in his life.  Health cannot be purchased through money. If a man is not healthy, a person would definitely suffer health-related issues in life rather enjoy life. No person can care and help you in difficult situations.  Unhealthy man is unable to achieve their goals and success in life. In the whole world, there is no market where one can purchase health. An unfit person faces a lot of difficulties in his life.

Health Is Wealth Essay In English For Class 10

Maintaining health is neither so difficult nor so easy. A person may spend healthy life after following some important tips. “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” This proverb explains the secret of healthy life. We need to take balanced diet, healthy fresh food on proper time, daily exercise, fresh and pure water, fresh environment, enough sleep and rest, cleanliness, regular medical check-ups and follow-ups for a healthy life. This lifestyle promotes healthy growth and development of human body which keeps a person physically mentally socially intellectually fit. Through good health one can fight any bad circumstances and situations in the life.

It is important to maintain a good health in whole life. A good health brings forever happiness in whole life. If we have a good health we can get money. Money can get only through a healthy living.  Without money, a person can spend life with a great peace of mind. While if a person is unfit he cannot spend life happily. Healthy life encourages doing something good in life instead of earning money.

Here we end our today topic that is Health Is Wealth Essay In English For Class 10 so if you need to add something then you can write us in the comment section given below on this page.

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