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Essay On Importance of Sports in Our Daily Life

Essay On Importance of Sports in Our Daily Life because A healthy mind is a healthy body is the well known adage. Proverbs and sayings reveal the practical wisdom and long experience of the world. Without games and sports, our youngsters would develop into cowards and imbeciles. One of the most effective and time tested ways to ensure healthy growth of body and mind is to make students and young men and women should take active part in sports. The aim of education is all around development of the personality of the students and the future of the nation. Intellectual or mental power as well as manpower is equally important for the progress and development of the nation. Manpower means not merely the number of hands but also the powerful and healthy hands that can venture any task, challenge and odds. It is a pity that Pakistani players and sports people fare so badly in international sports and games events and return home with empty handed.

Essay On Importance of Sports in Our Daily LifeOn the other hand, many countries like Japan, China, Korea etc have a good tally of gold, silver and bronze medals. It is the matter of national shame and reflects our weakness. It is mainly because there is no proper arrangement and encouragement for games and sports in schools and colleges. It really hurts our national pride and sentiment. The children should be caught and trained in different disciplines of games, athletics and sports.

Moreover, during physical exercises, activities, games and athletics the intake of oxygen is in abundance which promotes mental skills and physical growth. It keeps digestion in perfect order and there is a lot of stamina and vitality. Sports teach how to subordinate personal interests and ambitions that of the team. Players and sports people are far more disciplined, cheerful, optimistic, cooperative, accommodating and samaritan than others. Physical activities also provide an outlet for the surplus energy. Sports keep them away from violence, mischief, hooliganism and such other undesirable activities. But physical sports and activities should never be performed at the cost of studies and mental pursuits. A fair balance between the two is very important. In the final conclusion, we can say that the importance and significance of sports cannot be denied. So if any person wants to live a healthy life then he should perform different sports in his regular routine. Finally, we can say that sports and different physical activities plays a very important role.

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