Importance of Teacher in Our Life

Have we ever thought what the importance of teachers in our life is? Why we are going to school daily if we can also take education at home as well? We have always listened the fact that education is one most of the important activity for every single person in this universe. Even God has also stated that every Muslim men and women should take education and we can justImportance of Teacher in Our Life acquire this education through teachers. Teachers are said to be one of such individuals in the student life that are considered to be our second parents. It is the teachers that lead to us to the right path that just travels in the line of success and prosperity. If we ever think then while sitting in the classrooms there would be no single teacher that would force the students to forbid the education because it’s useless. A good teacher is the one that helps their students in choosing the right path of their life. A successful teacher is not known just for his or her skills and capabilities but through their nature, way of talking and behavior with the students.
If we drive our self back in the past then we will notice that most of the success that has been seen in Islamic history has been just made possible because of the Islamic scholars and professors that have enlighten the ray of education in whole entire globe. There would be no such person that would ever think about denying the importance and significant place of teachers in our life. All the success that is so far gained by any student in his life is not just because of his knowledge and intellectual but also because of the helping hand of the teachers and their services. When a child of 6 years of age went for a school then their personality and character building job is just undertaken by the teacher. It is the teacher that makes the student learn A, B and C. Teachers are some sort of messengers of God that just arrives for leading the right road for the students that would make the aware of their capabilities and competent heights. Well on the whole of the discussion this was all about the eminent place of teachers in our life. We should give them all the respect and honor that we give to our parents.

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