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Knowledge is Power Essay in English With Outline

Knowledge is Power Essay in English with Outline and headings because “The only source of knowledge is an experience.” Knowledge is an actual power of the person. Knowledge is the awareness and familiarity attained by the experience of a fact and through study. This power has more strength than the physical power. Knowledge has no partiality. The person who does more efforts will be able to get more knowledge. Knowledge of any field is unlimited. Not every person will be able to get knowledge of every science and every field of life. The first revelation of our HOLY PROPHET PBUH also related to knowledge and emphasizes its importance and sleekness. Allah said:

“It is a revelation which has been revealed to him and taught to him by the great mighty one. One strong, then he stood straight and he appeared on the uppermost horizon  He then came nearer and nearer until he was as close to him as the distance of two bows, or even less. “

Knowledge is Power Essay in English With Outline

Learning has no limit. No person can compete in this world without knowledge. Both worldly knowledge and Islamic knowledge is necessary to be successful in this life and the world hereafter. Our holy prophet PBUH strongly emphasize on sleekness of knowledge as

“He dieth not who seek knowledge”

Knowledge is the sole power which can make a layman person to be a sophisticated one. Knowledge is the only power which is the true companion in the difficult situations. If the person has the power of knowledge he can defeat all other powers.

“Knowledge is power “Francis Bacon

It is the true proverb. Knowledge has to distinguish among others. It helps to improve the personality. Knowledge gives the person an aesthetic sense. It makes great persons. Students achieve their dreams and ambitions through knowledge. Knowledge is the way to learn different things. It is the key to success. The man has different sources of attaining knowledge. Knowledge is that power which can give benefits to the mankind. It is fruitful for others. Knowledge gives the sense of good or bad, evil or good, truth or false. It makes a person with excellent attributes. It makes the person mindset positive. It makes a person which is helpful for the society. It is the vital and basic tool which plays an important role in the society and character building. This is a very precious thing. It gives happiness and makes us enable to spread happiness among others. The man has the power to create a better and safe world through the knowledge. Well this is all for Knowledge is Power Essay in English With Outline from our side if you wanted to add something to it then you can by letting us know in the comment section below on this page.

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