Methods of Teaching in Pakistan

Teaching is a very unique skill which is not being observed in everyone and that is why the person having a lot of knowledge and awareness is still unable to transform it properly amongst the audience, and that is one major reason for which every teacher is not being considered as a good and effective teacher. There are several methods of teaching which are the basic principles of teaching and these basic do matter a lot because if these are not present in the person than no matter how knowledgeable any individual is, he/she will not be able to make their mark in the field of teaching.  The methodology of teaching includesMethods of Teaching in Pakistan

Understanding: The teacher himself should have firm grip over the subject and should have his concepts clear because until or unless the teacher will not have good understanding he will be unable to inculcate the knowledge amongst the students, understanding means that the teacher should know the basics of the subject as well should be highly knowledgeable and clear as far as his subject is concerned.

Delivery of Knowledge: The most important and crucial factor in teaching is that how the teacher delivers the information? No doubt that all the teachers do have good knowledge and in majority of the cases the teacher is the most knowledgeable person as far as the subject is concerned but not every teacher delivers the knowledge properly. The best and the most appropriate method of knowledge delivery should be by making it as simpler as possible for the audience so that it is easily understood. The teacher should be capable of transforming the difficult concepts in easy terminology so that the students should not be left behind.

Remove Communication barriers: A teacher will never be able to make his mark until or unless he will not remove the communication barriers amongst the students. Communication is the best source of delivering the knowledge and once a good liaison is being created amongst the students and the teacher only than the basic need of teaching will be fulfilled. The teacher should analyze and should rate his audience and should choose the language as per the capability of the students so that what he teaches should be clear and should be learned by the students. Using of verbal communication and the communication of gestures and postures is the best practice and is the most common and highly effective tool in teaching.

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