Short Essay On Impact of Facebook On Students

“Short Essay On Impact of Facebook On Students”. Facebook is one of the famous social media of current century. A social media is playing a vital role in every person’s life today. It is becoming so common among teenagers, youngster, and elders. It also becomes an important and essential part of life. Facebook is the most famous social media among all. Almost everyone is now familiar with this term. Facebook is an online social media and social networking service which networks people from all over the world. It was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.

Everything in this world possesses some positive and negative impacts. Similarly, Facebook has some positive and negative edges. We are going to discuss both these edges in this Short Essay On Impact of Facebook On Students in detail. You can easily examine the positivity and negativity of facebook on the mental, physical and academic performance of an individual.

Short Essay On Impact of Facebook On Students

Facebook is the latest online communication platform. It allows you to connect with your friends, family, and relative far of place. The sole positive impact of Facebook on its user is that it gives us knowledge and information. It is also known as the best and instant source of news. Facebook gives you instant knowledge of news and events happening far of place all over the globe.

The negative impacts on facebook comprise of following points such as; by addictive of facebook you become an idol and stick to your laptops using facebook continually. Continuous use of facebook adversely affects the academic performance of students. They ruin their career by distracting from studies. We can say Facebook is quite addictive. It directly distracts people from the right or positive path towards negative way.

People have very craze on Facebook. You can easily estimate the worth of using Facebook that is there are 500 million active users every month on this site. The majority of the Facebook user is comprised of students and teenagers. The platform of Facebook is continuously growing faster. It is affecting the students very badly. It is estimated that 70% failures of students depend upon the usage of Facebook.

This is one of the alarming situations for students. As you students are the asset of any nation or state. If they ruin their time by using such type of social networking, then the asset of the nation may lead to a great loss. We should try to avoid such kind of social abuses. Try to use Facebook in your free time. Unlimited use of anything results in harmful effects. Hopefully, this Short Essay On Impact of Facebook On Students will surely clear your image regarding Facebook.

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