The Role of Education In Political Development

All Areas are dead without Education so it is very imp to know The Role of Education in Political Development so far. Political Situation are difficult to handle so Education is important impact for Political situations.Education has been of great importance for all worlds. Education got attention from philosophers at all ages of time.  The importance of education can be observed from the Quran when the first word of this Holy book was “IQRA” means to ‘read’ or ‘study’. In the modern world the education has a lot more importance in all fields of life. We will discuss the role of education in the development of Political aspect of the country.

The Role of Education in Political Development

The Role of Education in Political Development

Many countries are the victims of political instability and its infinite problems. These problems include unemployment, corruption, equality among races of people, unequal distribution of wealth in a country, increasing inflation rate and many more.  If we have detailed look on them, the root cause of all the problems is lack of education. Lack of education has been the major cause for any nation success or its failure. The education can have many positive effects on the politics of the country.

If there will be education and literacy rate will be high, people will be aware that who the right leader is for them. Illiterate people cannot differentiate between the good or bad characteristics of people. The do not have the criteria’s for them. The only vote for the person who belongs to their cast or geographical area or who somewhat have influenced them by giving some money. Such politicians are not worthy to be the leader of any country. So the education is a key to success of the nation political development. These steps will help to explore The Role of Education In Political Development.

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If we talk about the leader or politicians of the country, a well educated, and a well mannered with an impressive personality and should not be self-centered should be his characteristics. A leader of the country or politician like president, prime minister are the ones who represent the country and it nationals. If the president or politician or representative is uneducated and if from criminal background or have a characteristics of corrupt person, how he can represent a country worldwide. If the leaders will be educated and will have proper qualifications for becoming the politician only then the nation can develop and grown. It is said that state poses such a leader as are the people of that state.

Political system should be in the hand of educated people because it the administration of a country. We can imagine that to run a business its core department means administration should be much effective and efficient. So how can we ignore the administration of the country? If the leader will be uneducated, he will not be able to take steps towards the development of the country because he himself is not developed.

“A state is known by its leader”

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