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Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes and Effects

Water Pollution in Pakistan and its Causes, effects and best solutions are written. Water Pollution is one of the major problems of the current decade. It is the major or sole cause of most of the death and diseases. There is a number of factors which are causing water pollution with harmful effects. Every citizen must know about the Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes and Effects and Solutions. Almost 60% countries of the world are facing the problem of water pollution. Any negative change occurs in the chemical and biological property of water through a direct or indirect source which harms the living things in known as Water Pollution. Their solution and prevention are becoming very necessary in order to control the water pollution and its hazardous effects. Here you can find the detail information and comprehensive material regarding causes and effects of water pollution and solution for prevention of water pollution. it is one of the Major Environmental issues in Pakistan.

Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes and Effects and Solutions

Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes and Effects and Solutions

Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes:

There is a number of causes of water pollution in Pakistan which lead to contamination of water bodies with toxic and chemicals which impacts not only human health but also animals and plants. You should know about the Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes and Effects and Solutions. Some of the leading causes are listed below;

  • Pesticides and Fertilizers: Pesticides and Fertilizers are considered the major causes of water pollution. The pesticides and fertilizers which are used plants in the farm fields and the roadsides unfortunately sometimes drained down into the groundwater by wind or through other direct or indirect resources, pollute the water with the chemicals. Chemical Fertilizers are also caused nutrient type of water pollution because fertilizers contain nutrients
  • Chemical and Industrial Waste: Chemical and Industrial waste are the major problem in most of the countries of the world and play a vital role in polluting water through its chemical waste which directly contaminated the water bodies. Most of the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive material and liquid waste solvents are directly injected deep into the groundwater which ultimately causes water pollution.
  • Sewage:

Sewage is the direct cause of water pollution. In most of the countries of the world, the sewage or wastewater is directly dumped into river or sea. This process is very dangerous and born many deadly diseases.

  • Natural Causes: Natural happening unforeseen events also cause water pollution such as volcano, earthquakes etc change the biological

Water Pollution in Pakistan Effects:

Water pollution has so many hazardous effects on living things such as human being, plants and animals. Some of the major effects of water pollution are listed below in detail.

  • Diseases: Drinking of contaminated water always result in different severe diseases and sometimes direct death. The common health problems which occur through contaminated water include stomach problems, typhoid fever, cancer lungs problems, cancer and other reproductive problems.
  • Destructions of Ecosystem: Due to air pollution the global warning increases due to which the temperature of water also increases which directly harm the aquatic animals due to which aquatic ecosystems are destroyed.
  • Death of Aquatic Animals: The major effect occurs on the living of aquatic animals, the aquatic animals that are only dependent on water, killed by polluted water in their environment. Agriculture fertilizers and industrial chemical easily accumulated by fishes and other aquatic animals’ lead to death.
  • Effects on Plant: water pollution also affects the plants badly. The chemical and toxic property of contaminated water harms the process of photosynthesis in plants and even retard the growth

Prevention/Solutions of Water Pollution in Pakistan:     

In order to control or prevent water pollution, some specific measures and precautions should be taken seriously to overcome the major issue of this century. Industrial sector should try to dispose of chemical or toxic material properly or deep injected into the soil. Avoid throwing chemical oils and paints drain down into the water so that there may not be difficulty occur in refining and treating the water properly. The sewage water should drain into the rivers and sea after proper treatment in order to save the life of aquatic animals through toxicants and pollutants in the water. Our government should try to bring awareness regarding water pollution and should try to bring laws regarding water pollution to minimize and prevent it. Local councils and seminars regarding prevention and solution water pollution should be conducted. So these are the Water Pollution in Pakistan Causes and Effects and Solutions that you have learned through this article.

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