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What Is Human Rights Day

What is human rights day? For the information of the readers, human rights day is celebrated on 10th December each and every year worldwide. On this subject and particular date, conferences and seminars are been held and take place that is related to human rights issues. Exhibitions and political meetings are also been commenced on this annual day. As we all know that human rights have now become a global issue. A large number of governmental and non-governmental firms actively participate in human rights day so that its importance and significance can be highlighted in a proper way and manner.

What Is Human Rights Day

On 10th December 2006, Louis Arbour who is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said:

‘’Today, poverty prevails as the gravest human rights challenge in the world. Combating poverty, deprivation, and exclusion is not a matter of charity, and it does not depend on how rich a country is. By tackling poverty as a matter of human rights obligation, the world will have a better chance of abolishing this scourge in our lifetime. Poverty eradication is an achievable goal’’.

Current Situation with Regard to Human Rights:

What Is Human Rights Day

In spite of the fact that neither the US nor Pakistan, nor even China are giving importance to this issue. Heat is generated day by day and there are no signs of abating. Americans have been accusing the Chinese of violating human rights by imprisoning, torturing, and humiliating them. Every man demanding from the government or society anything, something, or everything in accordance with his heart’s desire is considered an advocate of human rights and also a claimant to these rights. There is a need of the hour that women, gays, lesbians, and prostitutes should be granted their rights as soon as possible.

Working Done By International Firms:

It has been viewed that there are various international agencies named by Amnesty International, the International Labor Organization, and the United Nations Centre that are trying their level best to abolish this practice as soon as possible. We need to come up with some revised measures so that the best and better solution can be taken out. Also in a country like Pakistan, there is a strong urge to make an efficient and effective Human Rights Commission. We need to act like responsible citizens and should celebrate this human rights day with full passion and fervor. It is high time to take this responsibility and make the world aware that all men are equal.