What Is Special Education

Special Education is defined as special type of education this is specially designed to meet the unique and special needs of students with various disabilities. These various types of students can range from moderate to severe disabled. Many schools provide special education if child has learning disability on the particular area. There are various incredible online resources for parents and with the help of these resources; parents can get awareness related to special education. One of the most important problems that parents and children face when it comes to educating their children who needs special education. Social development is considered to be an important and significant element for the growth of child. You can also check that why Special Education is so important for students. This is an important and significant step in the development of special education. It is very important for child to interact with other kids.

What Is Special Education

What Is Special Education

In this article we will discuss various categories of special education. The main categories of special education are as follows:

1. Autism:
If any child suspect from autism then that child needs special education. Autism is considered to be the major eligible categories for various special education services.

2. Mental retardation:
If any child is mentally retarded then he/she needs special education. Mental retardation can be determined by the score of child IQ and if child gets below 75 score then he/she is considered to be in the range of mental retardation. It is very important for parents to know that their child IQ should normal as they grow older.

3. Emotional disturbance:
Many children needs special education if they are emotional disturbed. Moreover, many children gets disturbed so parents should give them special attention and special education to them.

4. Deafness:
Deafness is defined as total loss of hearing and it requires physician documentation. Many children face the disability of deafness so that needs special education.

5. Visual Impairment:
Severe and intense impairment not fixed by different glasses so in that case child needs special education in order to improve his/her visual ability.

6. Deaf and Blindness:
Special education is very important and necessary if child suffer from blindness and deaf.

7. Learning disability:
If child has learning disability like dyslexia, visual processing disorder and many more disabilities then child needs special education in order to overcome his/her learning disabilities.

On the whole after discussing the importance of special education it is easy to conclude that it is getting rapidly popularity all over the world. Special education is playing vital role in the development of Pakistan. There are large number of institutes are also established in Pakistan for special education for students.

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