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General knowledge About Azad Kashmir In Urdu AJK

The purpose of the page made By is to provide General knowledge About Azad Kashmir In Urdu AJK. The Azad Jammu or Kashmir or AJK is the place that has many hidden aspects to share. There are two divisions. One part is known as free Kashmir. The west of the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir termed as Free Kashmir. The territory also borders Pakistan with Punjab in South and KPK to the west. AJK is the abbreviation of Azad Jammu And Kashmir in case you don’t know. The common term nationally and internationally is known as Azad Kashmir. It is administrative territory under the supervision of Pakistan. IT is a known fact that AJK is the long-running conflict between Pakistan and India. The territory shares border with GB declares by the United National and Pakistan administrated Kashmir.

General knowledge About Azad Kashmir

The east of Azad Kashmir has separated the region with Indian Administrative area. It is the de-facto border between India and Pakistan. The below page will share the narrative in Urdu about the AJK information from a different perspective. The territory has a parliamentary form of government. It has West minister system. The council of ministers supports makes the prime minister.

Azad Kashmir Map

General knowledge About AJK In Urdu

The rebuilding Kashmir was possible with the help of Pakistan and foreign donors. The reconstruction of infrastructure was the delayed process. The economy depends on agriculture, remittances, services, and tourism. The British Mirpuri Community has a major role in economic development. So get the idea about the General knowledge About AJK In Urdu.

General Knowledge Questions And Answers About Azad Kashmir

The role of unicameral legislative assembly elects both the Prime Minister and president simultaneously. The Parliament of Pakistan did not mention the house for Azad Kashmir but the ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan raises the perennial issue between India and Pakistan. The major events of the region include the 2005 earthquake which killed 100,000 people. So here is General Knowledge Questions And Answers About Azad Kashmir

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They provide General knowledge About Azad Kashmir In Urdu will give some more information to you about the AJK. It is the large area with the own farms and 87 percent household manages by these farms. It has about 72 percent literacy rate.


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