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Languages of Pakistan List

Pakistan is considered to be a special country where many languages are spoken and here we have a Languages of Pakistan List. Every person knows that language shows the heritage, culture and identity of people. According to survey that almost 200 languages are spoken in Pakistan. Since many years, the official language of Pakistan was the Persian. But before the British came, Urdu language was created or developed. Pakistan has many distinctive and different languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, English, Sindhi, Pashto and balochi. Language is method of communication used by human to convey their ideas to other through speaking or writing. There are many languages are spoken in Pakistan like Shina, Balti, Khowar, Dhatki, Kashmiri, and many others but the major languages are Sindhi, Balochi, Saraiki, Pashto and Punjab. Languages vary place to place, province to province and person to person. Pakistan’s national language is Urdu and almost every Pakistani either he belong to Sindh, or Punjab can speak Urdu. Urdu is considered as top language understood by Pakistani. Each province has its own provisional languages which are consider as the symbol of that province. Most of the languages which are spoken in Pakistan are from Indo Iranian origin. In this article you will learn about the major languages in Pakistan.

How Many Languages are Spoken in Pakistan

How Many Languages are Spoken in Pakistan


Urdu is considered to be the national language of Pakistan and it is the perfect combination of many languages like Arabic, Persian and many local languages. It is very much similar to Hindi. If we talk about Sindhi language then it is spoken in the sindh province. According to survey that almost 26 million people speak Sindhi in Pakistan. It is considered to be an Indo-Aryan language. Moreover, Sindhi language has 15 vowels and 47 consonant phonemes.  Furthermore, in case of Pashto language, it is spoken in the province of North West Frontier Province. This language is also known as pathani. This language is considered to be an Iranian language. Moreover, Punjabi language is spoken in the Punjab province. It is considered to be an indo-European language. Balochi language is spoken in the Baluchistan province and it is considered to be an Iranian language and it is much similar like Kurdish language. Apart from all these languages, English is considered to be an official language now a days. This language is used in order to communicate with other countries all over the world.

It became the official and national language of Pakistan during the 11th century. If we talk about the history of Urdu language then the mughal leaders gave importance and significance to the Urdu language and made this language as an official language. Moreover, Urdu language uses the identical or similar letters as the Farsi and Arabic language. On the other hand, the Urdu speaker does not normally pronounce each letter in Urdu as Arabic speakers normally pronounce. Moreover, Urdu language has similar words as in Farsi language. Furthermore, during the 20th century, Pakistan plays a very important role in world events in order to promote the Urdu language. Apart from Urdu language, English also became an important and official language and now government officials use English language in order to conduct the business.


Punjabi language is linked with province Punjab. Almost 44% Pakistani use to speak this language. It has different dialects like Saraiki, Hindko and Majhi Punjabi. This language also varies city to city in dialects. Punjabi language has shahmukhi script which also includes Urdu alphabets. This language was started in 600 BC, and also related to Vedic Sanskrit and Classical Sansrit.


Pashto is the 2nd largest language of Pakistan which is spoken and understands by almost 15.42%. This language is majorly being spoken in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other areas like FATA and Balochistan. This language has two major dialects Southern Pashto and Northern Pashto. This language represents the culture of Pakhtoon or pashtun people.


It is 3rd largest language being spoken by Pakistani. Almost 14.5% Pakistani use to communicate in this language. Sindhi is driven from Sanskrit and originated from Indo Aryan language. It is not only spoken in Pakistani but also some Indian also use to communicate in this language. Sindhi Language is considered as the symbol of the Sindh province as well as the Sindhi People.


Balochi is the 4th largest language in Pakistan. Only 4% Pakistani use to speak Balochi and most of the people who use to speak this language is belonged to the province Balochistan. It is believed that this language was originated from 10th century. Rakshani and Sarhaddi are the major dialect of this language and it has also many other dialects like Kalati, Chagai-Kharani and many others.

Language is the most important asset of a country which tells about the culture and people of the country. There are many other languages which are being communicated in Pakistan like Saraiki, Kashmiri and many others. These four are the major languages and spoken country widely while the other languages are only limited to the tribes and cities.

On the whole after discussing the Languages of Pakistan List it is easy to conclude that there are many languages spoken in Pakistan but the two most important are Urdu and English. Government of Pakistan should organize different events both at national and international events in order to promote the Urdu language. Finally, today Urdu language is getting rapidly popularity all over the world and now its become an identity that Urdu language is the national language of Pakistan.


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