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NUST Entry Test Past Papers

NUST Admission announcement and candidates that have applied now seeking NUST Entry Test Past Paper which is mentioned below. NUST Entry Test Past Papers for Computer Science along with Answer exist while candidates now can prepare entry test online. Moreover, NUST Entry Test Past Papers for Social Sciences are solved with the right answer and are also available on this page. Students who seek the MOCK test online now can do it by just clicking the below link. Further, NUST Entry Test Past Paper in PDF, Words file.

NUST Entry Test Past Papers

All previous NUST Past Papers are now available as well students can prepare online. Most important first read all past papers because the majority of question comes from old papers. So, students who read just those will solve while others will give the wrong answers.

Engineering / Computer Science /BS Mathematics (With Computer Science)

BS Biotechnology Business Studies & Social Sciences
Bachelor of Architecture / Industrial Design BS Mathematics

Note: Just click on the subject and then the official webpage of NUST will open and then start the entry test. As per the portal, just 79 minutes will be given to applicants to solve the question.

NUST Entry Test Past Papers for Computer Science

Many students have applied to the Computer Science program and looking at the entry test past paper which is updated in the above table. Just open the link and then start the preparation. Further, when you will complete this test the portal will give the right answer along with a question. So, this is the best opportunity for those candidates who are going to appear in the test, and hopefully, after preparation for past papers, your test will be a pass.

NUST Entry Test Past Papers for Social Sciences

Now, the Business Studies and Social Sciences Past paper of NUST Institute is now available, and most importantly you can prepare online. Furthermore, candidates can solve this paper online, and when your test is closed the right and wrong answers will be shown on your screen.

Don’t waste time and start online preparation for the NUST Entry test. Because they announce admission just two times a year. For Fall session and For Spring Admission. On the other hand, past paper of those subjects that is available is now mentioned above in the table just click, and then the online entry test will start and students will solve within the time duration which is 79 Minutes. Further, if the NUST official declares any sample paper or past paper then we will give an update on time regarding NUST Entry tests Past Paper.

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