How Data Is Being Collected In The Research Thesis

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The next stage is to develop a questionnaire. There are two methods of preparing the questionnaire. If the researcher is willing to conduct the qualitative study so for that purpose the questions will be open ended and in descriptive form as long and descriptive answers will be obtain, while if the researcher is willing to conduct a quantitative research than the questions in the respective questionnaire will be close ended mainly lickert scale is being used for this purpose.

Sample Size:

Than the sample size is being decided by the researcher in which he decides that from how many respondents the questionnaires will be filled. The exact number is being stated in the research study which includes the number of organizations in which the questionnaire will be floated as well as the number of individual respondents which will help the researcher in obtaining the relevant data.

Do not go for FakeĀ  Filling:

There are several fake ways of obtain the data which includes filling all the questionnaires by a single individual, but it is highly discouraged because through this one will be unable to obtain the exact and reliable information. So it is highly recommended that questionnaires should be filled by different people and one thing should be make sure that the researcher should make the respondents fill the questionnaire in front of him.

Later these questionnaires are being collected from the selected respondents, it is being appreciated that if the visiting cards of the respondents should also be taken as for the purpose of references, and should be attached with the respective questionnaires and while the thesis is being finalized these visiting cards should be attached with the questionnaires as they will validate the data collection for the instructor.

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