UHS Entry Test Date 2014


Looking for UHS Entry Test Date 2014 then here we will discuss everything which you want to know about the Medical Colleges Admission Test so that you can get admission in the top medical colleges of Pakistan and able to fulfill you dream to become a doctor and serve the Humanity. University Of Health Sciences announces the official Date of conduction of MCAT Entry Test Date For Medical Admission In Punjab Pakistan.University of Health Sciences has announced the date of Medical College Admission Test 2014 (MCAT 2014), entrance test for getting admission in medical college.  resources MCAT test 2014 will be held on 30th August, 2014

Prof Malik has advised the candidates against preparing for the tests at private academies and warned them against using unfair means during examination. “Neither UHS nor any medical/dental institution of the Punjab recommend or endorse any preparatory courses offered by various academies and tuition centres,” he said. The vice-chancellor said the candidates would be tested through a ‘foolproof’ self scoring system. They would answer questions on a double-sheeted, pre-printed, bar-coded response form, he said.Dawn. MCAT test is an entrance test for getting admission in medical college for bachelor programs. In the Punjab Province University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS) conducts MCAT test every year for the admission of public medical college and universities. University of Health Sciences Lahore (UHS Lahore) has announced the date of MCAT test 2014. According to the UHS officials MCAT test 2014 will be held on August 30, 2014.

UHS MCAT Entry Test Answer Key 2014

UHS Entry Test Date 2014

UHS Entry Test Date 2014

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is an entrance test for getting admission in medical colleges and universities of Pakistan at bachelor level. Every year a great number of students appear in the UHS MCAT examinations to get admission in medical colleges and universities.

MCAT test 2014 for getting admission in the medical colleges and universities that are affiliated with UHS will be conducted on August 30, 2014

Every year lots of students appear in the MCAT test for getting admission in medical colleges and universities of Pakistan. Last year 30,026 candidates were appeared in the test and 8524 candidates got above 60% marks while 10,369 got below 40% marks.

Entry test for public and private medical and dental colleges in Punjab will be held on September 13 in Rawalpindi and 11 other cities of the province, said Vice-Chancellor University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore, Prof Dr Mubashar Hussain Malik.

He was speaking at an orientation seminar for candidates at Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC).

The vice-chancellor said the candidates would submit the application forms for entry tests from July 20,2014 to August 7, 2014.

Candidates filing their applications in Rawalpindi can submit the completed forms by hand in the UHS Regional Office in RMC. According to rules prepared for entry tests, applications cannot be filed through post.


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  1. Amber says:

    Congrats dear fellows!Best of luck 4 future……

  2. manahil says:

    mahmood merit ka kia scena hai?

  3. Mahmood says:

    will tell u on 27th because 26th is the deadline for fee collection. BDS may be 81.4.

  4. manahil says:

    mahmood bds ka kitny py close ho ga?

  5. Mahmood says:

    the final merit for the year 2011 is 82.1961 and it may come down to 81.50

  6. noman says:

    s.i.m.s men hoa hai mera.

  7. zeeshan says:

    noman apka kidr howa ha…..????

  8. tiesto182 says:

    haha ya….i got into rmc MashALLAH 50 40 rocks

  9. zeeshan says:

    thanx mehmood bhai….u always help us at the hours of need…may ALLAH bless u…….
    and friends please tell me abt ur colleges in which u got admission…as i told i got in RMC….so please????

  10. Mahmood says:

    my info is perfect, i say you congratulation in advance dont worry insha Allah u will be Dr manahil.
    Tiesto,Noman, Zeeshan Congratulation to all of u actually those students wanted to get stayorder from sup court so UHS DECIDED TO DISPLAY UNCOMPLETE MERIT LIST WITH NO TIME. THE WRITTEN DEC WAS GIVEN AROUND 12 HRS AND WITHIN NEX TWO HOURS THE LIST WAS DISPLAYED.

  11. zeeshan says:

    many many congracts to all friends…..i got in RMC….tell me about ur colleges…once again congracts…

  12. manahil says:

    conragulationx to al fellows who hav got admistion.bt mehmood 4 colgx k abi kiun nai lage?

  13. noman says:

    a gai hai list.

  14. tiesto says:

    has 70 30 dcidd

  15. noman says:

    thanks zeshan bhai.

  16. zeeshan says:

    list will b displayed after 18 nov…i went to uhs,they told me…

  17. noman says:

    kab lagy gi list? kuch pata chala yar mehmood and tiesto

  18. zeeshan says:

    thanx mehmood bhai…may u prosper,and achieve whatever u hav set for ur self….
    thank u very much for ur wishes….

  19. tiesto182 says:

    it might be a rumour by uhs officials khair its really good 4 me atleast :)

  20. mahmood says:

    plz plz plz the court has given the dscn in favour of 5 40 10 now students and uhs are waiting for written dscn. those students are interested in going supreme court.

  21. tiesto182 says:

    decision vl b 70% 50 40 30%70 30

  22. tiesto182 says:

    amina akbar changing formula at 11th is the greatest injustice

  23. tiesto182 says:

    nae pgmi next year sa kra ga i read an article

  24. Mahmood says:

    There is no doubt, criteria will be 40 50 10 why u people don’t believe and also news is about increase of 100 seats (in pgmi)

  25. tiesto182 says:

    amin akbar apka chahna sa criteria change nae hona :p

  26. manahil says:

    ameen and thanx mahmood

  27. noman says:

    thanks mehmood bhai.

  28. tiesto182 says:

    an Allah kra 50 40 he ho!amen

  29. mahmood says:

    Dear All,
    Noman, Manahil, Zeeshan, Ayesha, Tiesto
    Eid mubarik to all of u,may Allah give u a lot of happiness and pleasure in your life. InshaAllah all of u will be Dr in ur future life best of luck and remember me in ur prayers.

  30. ali khan says:

    aoa can anybody tell me that wt z approximate merit for d reciprocal seats in bolan medical college nd khyber medical college… plxx do tell me… waiting 4 replyy

  31. amina akbar says:

    i pray k 70 30 ho jae cox hum jaise kae buchun ka admissn 40 50 say nae hota mine z 81 wd 40 50 n 83.7 wd 70 30 …. huggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee diffrence… waiting 4 justice.. eid mubarak every 1.. n all d best…..

  32. noman says:

    mjy kaleeji boht pasand ha.bhoni hoi kaleeji. ap 4ron khilao na mjhy

  33. noman says:

    Eid mubarik.manahil appi and shuja bhai and mehmood bhai zeshan bhai.

  34. manahil says:

    eid mubarik to al my dear fellows

  35. Mahmood says:

    I have nothing to do with UHS/MBBS, applied for BDS only I just share the info with u guys whatever I get from UHS. It does not make difference to me It also seem that grapes are— for me and now I am student of BsBiochemistry. I wish all of u a very happy and prosperous life in ur future life, Dr Tiesto, Dr Noman, Dr Minal Dr Ayesha and Dr Zeeshan.

  36. tiesto182 says:

    bt i m nt sure its just assumption

  37. noman says:


  38. tiesto182 says:

    hahaha both :p

  39. noman says:

    tiesto or hopeless

  40. tiesto182 says:

    guys 70 30 is coming an remember u heard it 1st 4m me!!!

  41. tiesto182 says:

    hmm is ths just ur assumption or authentic source in lhc????

  42. Mahmood says:

    Winning 70 30 is old story now, kea bataon I have also seen final merit list. 40 50 10 Will be happy and satisfied.

  43. tiesto182 says:

    an 70 30 vl win

  44. noman says:

    ab to eid k bad lagy gi.so let`s celebrate Eid.

  45. tiesto182 says:

    why is there so unnecessary delay in decision announcement

  46. noman says:

    RMC men hoga ao ka admision

  47. hina says:

    mera merit no 2249 .. !! kahan ho ga adm ?? :/ .

  48. tiesto182 says:

    apko apna source sa cnfrm ha na mahmod

  49. tiesto182 says:

    yar mahmod kuch log “kips” sa relatd afwa ura rha ha dat 70 30 won

  50. zeeshan says:

    mahmood bhai,…….supreme court…!!!!!!! how long it will go…?there wasn’t any matter of doubt in mind of anybody regarding the merit formula…as court itself declared that formula lat year….and now court itself started hearing of petitions abt merit formula,which clearly shows that court is negating its own decision….huh

  51. Mahmood says:

    We have very good sources I’d diff org but unluckily I could see myself at merit list. It’s ok wish all the best for , who got/will see their names at m list.

  52. Mahmood says:

    Noman, uhs is waiting for written dscn, but it is over now. Day befor yesterday I was in Lahore. Those students were saying that they will go to sup court. I think this is totally stupid idea we all should accept the reality (as I did).

  53. noman says:

    UHS waly keh rahy hen k High Court ne abi tak faisla nahi dia.

  54. tiesto182 says:

    yar mahmod apka source fb to nae???

  55. noman says:

    but merit list to nahi lagi.kab lagy gi?

  56. Mahmood says:

    Court has given dscn in favor of 40 50 10

  57. tiesto182 says:

    wat ix xpctd dcsn of this case guys?????

  58. manahil says:

    mahmood ap zeshan k questionz k ans krn na me also waiting 4 dat

  59. manahil says:

    oky thanx mehmood

  60. zeeshan says:

    Mahmood bhai,
    thanx for being there,so that we could hav an authentic source of information for those students who couldn’t b there,like me….
    when selection list will b launched…and what will b the last merit for MBBS? and closing merit of RMC…? please tell…thanx

  61. Mahmood says:

    The merit of BDS may b in between 81.6 to 81.7

  62. Mahmood says:

    Today court may give their decide also

  63. Mahmood says:

    The students who were in favor of entry test, they also went to court today. Today (oct 2) LHC will see there case as well and they r more in no. Today I am also here at Lahore High Court to see that.
    The students who filed the case say that, the entry test is not legal and it does not provide equal opportunity to the students. And at least court should order pmdc to follow 70 30 formula.

  64. manahil says:

    mehmood i think apk pas thori solid knowledge hoti hai ap mjy yh btao k case hua kis chez py hai nd isk kia result nikalny k chances hain?tell me plz

  65. Mahmood says:

    The court will decide on nov 04, 2011

  66. zeeshan says:

    @ maham..actually i don’t knw abt the wrong ans. key of code 0,as told by u…if it happend so,then u should go to court as it’s not ur fault…
    bt merit policy should not b changed at any cost…if they want to give justice to those 6 to 12 students then what about those 3000 students …
    i hope ALLAH will bless each n every deserving student…INSHA ALLAH

  67. zeeshan says:

    dear friends
    when merit list will b launched….???..and what about the decission of court against petition…????

  68. maham says:

    zeshan mera agregate b tst k waja sy down hua hai bt phr b ma ap sy agree krti hn k studnts ko us waqt case krna chaiye tha bt ap mjy yh btayn k jo 0 key wrong hai wo hmy tst k bd pta chali hai na to us ka case to abi bnta hai na.hard work hm ny b boht kia hai bt hmary sath fair nai hua

  69. noman says:

    sum-ameen. u r right bhai

  70. zeeshan says:

    actually we r very selfish people…we always think for ourself: abt those few students who went to court….m sure they would b aware of that ,court itself gave present formula last year…if they had any problem then they should consult court at that time ,not when they had failed in entrance test due to their own negligance….May ALAH bless every hard working and deserving student with success,and protect us from such reckless problems…AAMIN

  71. noman says:

    merit list is not going to be issued on 30 octuber until High Court decision.

  72. Aisha says:

    no guys i dnt think dat merit formula wil change coz jin ka merit is formula se bn rha ha den wo case kr dein ga….

  73. noman says:

    PMC 84.06% RMC 83.42%

  74. zeeshan says:

    hello friends…congracts to all those who hav succeed,and best wishes for those fellows who some how couldn’t prosper…..
    what will b the closing merit of PMC & RMC….any idea….?????please tell..

  75. Faiza says:

    This is nt fair. . .ab formula change ni hona chahye. . .its too late nw. .jb last year uhs ny announce kr dia tha k nxt yr new formula ho ga to phr ab kea msla ha logo ko. .

  76. noman says:

    merit formula ho jay ga change i think.High Court men already challenge ho chuka hai merit formula 19 september ko.

  77. noman says:

    shuja bhai ap ka to nishtar men paka paka admission hai.agar ap ny RMC ko prefrence di thi to RMC men ap ka pehly roll numbers men name ay ga.

  78. ali says:

    mu merit no is 998 ….i gave first prefrence to Q M C..though

  79. Tiesto182 says:

    noman wat r chances 4 1431 in rmc an wat r da chances of restoring of 70 30 formula

  80. rabia says:

    meri chote sister ka ha noman

  81. noman says:

    RAbia ap ka RMC men bany ga i think.mgar ap ka name 83.57% ki list men to nahi hai.

  82. Tiesto182 says:


  83. rabia says:

    hy guys mera aggregat 83.57 ha any chances in nmc??

  84. Saman says:

    BRO. any idea about bds merit?????

  85. Tiesto182 says:

    yes @noman

  86. Aisha says:

    @mahmood bds ka merit ktna hoga ? any idea?

  87. noman says:

    shuja bhai ap ny RMC ko prefrence di hai?

  88. noman says:

    wrong word hai ye.i think

  89. Mahmood says:

    I am trying to know why they will place 52 more students after cut off merit point. Then at that point merit may be 81.82 (i think)

  90. Mahmood says:

    I am trying to know why they will place 52 more students after cut off merit point. Then at that point merit may be 81.82 (i think)

  91. Tiesto182 says:

    mera 1431 ha

  92. faiza says:

    ooo thats gr8 yaaar …my num is 2931…

  93. Tiesto182 says:

    numan wats meant by uhsmc

  94. Mahmood says:

    Trust me u know I had also told u the merit of some pmcz before announcement, see that and trust more. I have some sources unluckily I could not find myself at—–

  95. faiza says:

    mahmood ye kahan likha ha k 2940 tk first list ma hn?

  96. Farhan says:

    Koi b bata sakta hy k meri % 83.83 hy aur me ne first preference pmc aur 2nd rmc di hy. Mera kaha par aa sakta hy.

  97. Aisha says:

    @noman bhai thanx … aap ko bhe bht bht mubarik ho …

  98. noman says:

    no idea.

  99. Tiesto182 says:

    uhs k against case ka kya bna yar

  100. Ti3STO says:

    uhs k against case ka kya bna

  101. noman says:

    closing merit of RMC will be round about 83.42% i think tiesto.

  102. mahmood says:

    I have checked merit no 2940 (upto 2942)is included in the first merit list

  103. Tiesto182 says:

    wat abt closing merit of rmc

  104. noman says:

    aisha ap ka merit ban gaya hai na? mubarik ho ap ko bht si.

  105. noman says:

    aisha baji NMC ka round about 84.65% aur QMC ka 82.87% closing merit hoga i think.

  106. Aisha says:

    @ noman bhai is br nishtar or qmc ka closing merit ktna hoga?any idea?

  107. Aisha says:

    hey ppl congratz to awl….

  108. Saman says:

    Thanks alot Noman bhai…..

  109. noman says:

    there are 2889 seats of open merit excluding reserved sests.

  110. Tiesto182 says:

    ya obviously abhe to khula ha this year nae ho skta shuru

  111. faiza says:

    bus inshalah bds ma he ho jay…i m vryyyyyyyyy happy wid that..n i heard 100 seats in pgmi next year start hn ge..is it true?

  112. Saman says:

    How many seats r there 4 candidates of punjab excluding reserved seats?Plz Noman bhai reply 2 this….

  113. Saman says:

    How many seats r there 4 candidates of punjab excluding reserved seats?Plz Noman bhai reply 2 this……….

  114. Tiesto182 says:

    is saal merit bohat high ha last year aimc ma last 85.4 pa hua an is dafa itna vala top 1100 ma b nahe

  115. Tiesto182 says:

    apka bds ma cnfrm ha mbbs ka chance ha bt less an my merit pos is 1431 an i m prayin 4 rmc

  116. noman says:

    pichly saal meri cousin ka pehli list men dentistry men hoa mgar dosri list men MBBS men ho gaya tha.

  117. noman says:

    suna hai 100 seats increase kar di gai hen.aur wesy bhi 3 merit lists lagni hen.ap preshan mat hon faiza u will get admission in MBBS inshAllah.

  118. Faiza says:

    Bt open merit seats to 2889 hn na n mra num 2931 ha. . .phr kaisay hoga?

  119. noman says:

    mubarik ho ap ko.

  120. noman says:

    faiza ap ka gujranwala medical college men hoga.preferance policy ki wja se opar ho skta hai.

  121. faiza says:

    mra aggregate 82.1626 ha…n merit num 2931 ha…kia mra de montmorency ma a jaye ga? reply tiesti..

  122. faiza says:

    n mbbs ka kitna ha tiesto?

  123. Tiesto182 says:

    bds ka last 81.9 ha noman sahab

  124. noman says:

    cutt off % will be 81.5 confirmed

  125. noman says:

    combined merit list lag chuki hai.

  126. Faiza says:

    Mbbs n bds ki seats kitni hn? Plz telme . .

  127. Mahmood says:

    It is post graduate medical institute and it was not included in pros. 100 seats for this year will be added through pgmi.

  128. manahil says:

    pgmi kis ka abbreviation he aisha or propectus ma kia is ka zikar tha

  129. Tiesto182 says:

    yar there is no benefit of debating over closing merit jo hona ha vo to hokar rhna ha chaha increase ya decrease ali was right when he said merit vl increase even closin merit cn b 83

  130. mahmood says:

    any body can tell, howmuch applications have been recieved from Lahore?

  131. Aisha says:

    every one plz recite Surah e Mohammad 3 times a day …. in shaa Allah hm sb ka adm zarur hoga… ameen sumameen

  132. Mahmood says:

    Oh yes fulla u r right, so we congratulate Ali. He can choose any PMC for admission.
    Best of luck Ali

  133. fulla says:

    nahe.koe marks deduct nahe hn gy

  134. fulla says:

    aoa.ap sb itny pareshan q h? Allah py bhrosa krain.Inshallah sb bht acha hoga my sisters and brothers

  135. ali says:

    hi,my aggregate percentage is 86…i want to ask if any marks are deducted from this percentage if you are a repeater??it was my 3rd attempt so plz tell me

  136. Mahmood says:

    Dear Noman,
    Thanks a lot for dua, our faith should be strong like u. The Data which I got (from reliable source) is actually belong to topmost PMCz and still we don’t know about the rest of PMCz (nine colleges). Remember me in ur prayers every thing is possible, if Allah (our loving Allah give favor).
    But Reality is Reality and no one can—/////

  137. noman says:

    Manahil and Aisha sistrz ap 2no ka merit to confirm hai.ye bhi boht bari achievment hai ap 2no k liy. Allah taala ka shukar adaa krti raha kren meri tarha. Mehmood bhai ka merit hum log duaon k zariy bana kr hi choren gy inshAllah.

  138. noman says:

    mehmood bhai ap disheart mat hon.inshaAllah ap ka merit bhi zror bany ga.ap hosla rakhen aur achy ki umeed rakhen.preshan na hon.

  139. noman says:

    sister manahil ka to rawalpindi medical college ka chance lag raha hai mjhy.aur aisha sister ka punjab medical college ka lag raha hai.mgar ye to sirf andaza hai.not confirmed.mgar meri allah sy dua hai k ap 2no bhi hmary sath nishtar men hon.aammeen.

  140. Mahmood says:

    Manahil/Aisha ,
    I was also surprised after getting this info, but it was found correct (unluckily). It is possible after sharp peak of high merit it may down quickly, may be or may not be. However I am really surprised and it is also against the people, s opinion. In next few days it may be very much clear.

  141. manahil says:

    mere father ne do bundo se pata kraya tha to unhen to dono ne yae bataya k nishtar ma dafa 1600 submit huwe . or agr average dekha jae 3 cities ma to mera khayal he k total forms 4500 hwe hunge

  142. Aisha says:

    @ manhil lhr ma pgmi ma current yr ma mbbs ki clases strt hni ha….

  143. manahil says:

    aisha ap ko ye confirm ha kia k lahore ma seats increase hwe hain . agr hwe hain to kis college ma hwe hain

  144. manahil says:

    i m from multan and i want to get admission in nmc . plz pray 4 me

  145. manahil says:

    noman bhai mera agregate 82.5 he kia mera nmc ma ho jae ga

  146. manahil says:

    mahmood bhai apko kis ne kaha he k merit is dafa etna high hoga

  147. Aisha says:

    kia mra nmc ma hoga?

  148. Aisha says:

    @ noman m frm multan, n i dnt knw average aggregate here… mine z 83%…. n 100 seatx hav been increasd in lhr … 16 oct ko approve ki hain cm punjab ne

  149. Mahmood says:

    I feel, myself have also missed the train because my agr is 81.66 ok this is not the end of world. Always look forward, we tried our best but———-
    Inshallah Allah will workhard in BS

  150. Mahmood says:

    Dear friends,
    The merit is going up against our expectations, KEMC+88 FJMC+85 AIMC+85.4 UHSMC+85 SgMC+84.3. so for the peak is sharp because of high marks in entry test (about 100 students got 1000+marks in entry test
    RMC is also going+83.50

  151. noman says:

    sis aisha where are you from? and what is the average % there? and what is your agregate?

  152. noman says:

    aisha sister in which college seats have been increased? and is that confirmed?

  153. Aisha says:

    in shaa Allah

  154. Aisha says:

    @ Noman i also think dat merit will around 81.5

  155. Tiesto182 says:

    anyone 4m pindi kindly tell me abt usual aggregate in pindi

  156. noman says:

    no manahil i think u will get admission in rawalpindi medical college.but i pray that u may come in nishtar medical college with us inshaAllah.

  157. noman says:

    aisha i think merit will cut off at 81.5% inhaAllah. bcoz in multan average aggregate is 81%.

  158. Tiesto182 says:

    is dafa 100+ ka 1000+ in mcat an 1700+ ka 900+

  159. manahil says:

    my aggregate is 82.5. is there any chance in nmc multan

  160. manahil says:

    mahmood ap ka aggregate kia bun ra he

  161. Aisha says:

    @Tiesto ap bds ka 82.5 keh rae hain ya mbbs ka?

  162. Aisha says:

    @ Tiesto itna high?? no it should be around 81.5% …ameen

  163. Tiesto182 says:

    merit 82.5 tak last hoga u vl see…

  164. Aisha says:

    @ Noman merit khn tk close hoga ? wat do u thnk???

  165. Aisha says:

    guys 100 seats have been increased in lhr …. :)

  166. Amber khan says:


  167. noman says:

    nahi.Bolan n Khybar colleges k liy kuch seats reserved ki gai hen medical colleges men.

  168. Amber khan says:

    Bolan n khyber medical colleges uhs k under hain??????

  169. Tiesto182 says:

    mahmod u live in pindi?wats ur agg btw

  170. mahmood says:

    This time no person can predict/assume about merit, about 8000 applications has been recieved. The applications recieved from Rawalpindi are really small in nos (about 737) plz keepinmind the filter was 77% and the maximum/more students have around 80%.

  171. Aisha says:

    wat u ppl think merit khn tk close hoga???????

  172. Tiesto182 says:

    vah bhai multan ma to mastt scene ha pindi ma to mje almst 85 par bhe darr lag raha ha

  173. noman says:

    u.h.s ki website pe bhi available hai prospcts.

  174. noman says:

    iqra agar ap ko prospectus nahi bhi mila to is men preshan hony wali koi bat nahi hai.us men asi koi important bat nahi hai.ap apni kisi frend se borrow kr k parh len beshak.

  175. noman says:

    multan men average 81% hai.

  176. Tiesto182 says:

    iqra hw is ths possible mujha jo admsn kit mili us ma to prospectus bhe tha an form bhe!

  177. manahil says:

    maha ap application q nae bhej rae. mere fsc ma 1008 hain matric ma 981 or e.t ma 806

  178. manahil says:

    han toopers ki kum ae e.t ma. kia kisi ko andaza hey k multan ma average merit kia he

  179. iqra says:

    mene form to submit karwa diya hai but prospectus nae mila
    ??kia aap sab ne pospectus lia hai??? tell me soon!!!

  180. MUKESH KUMAR says:


  181. hiba says:

    mjhe mbbs ke past test papers nae mil rae frpom where to foundd??? plxx help

  182. noman says:

    meri aggregate bhi 89 ban rahi hai.mgar main ny King Edward ki bajay Nishtar medical college ko prefrence di hai.becoz i live in multan.

  183. noman says:

    i live in multan. phr to pindi men merit kafi zyada hoga.is ka matlab merit round about 81% he ho ga.

  184. Tiesto182 says:

    Noman apka kha sa ho?i live in murree an my aggregate is 84.79 pindi ma bohat logo ka above 83 ha even when i went 2 rmc i saw some people having 88 an 89 merit an round abt pindi ma abv 83 ha

  185. noman says:

    a.o.a maha and tiesto ap k city men candidates ki average aggregate% round about kitni hai? mere city men to average 80% hai.

  186. maha says:

    tiesto according to my info NTN means national tax number if u or ur father hav any dn u hav to write otherwise NA z rite

  187. Tiesto182 says:

    I mistakenly wrote N.A in the NTN field of form does that affect any idea?

  188. maha says:

    sorry tiesto i hav no idea about o nd a levelz

  189. rabi says:

    sorry not maha, manahil!!

  190. rabi says:

    heyy maha u sure that the toppers u mentioned really scored this low in mcat under code 0??

  191. Tiesto182 says:

    Maha o lvlz ki equivalence cert ma i got 85% with 765 marks bt total ki jaga xxx likha hua ha u got some idea what are the total marks

  192. maha says:

    nai noman ma ny aisi koi bt nai suni nd aisi koi bt ho g b nai

  193. noman says:

    maha main ny suna hai k agar koi student fsc improve na kry to us ki aggregate % men sy 0.10 poits deduct kr liy jaty hen.is that true?

  194. maha says:

    ya dats gud tiesto

  195. Tiesto182 says:

    I’m tense k pta nae uhs vala kitna total consider krta ha

  196. Tiesto182 says:

    An ya o lvlz ka eq ma total marks kitna hota ha i knw its 900 bt mara cert pa total marks ki jaga cross bna hua ha

  197. Tiesto182 says:

    Tnx 4 tellin maha actually pahla mane sirf e.t ka lika hua ta then jaldi sa form wapis la kar thek kar k resubmit karwa dia an apka kya khayal ha is 84.7909 gud 4 rmc

  198. maha says:

    noman ap kn marks ki deduction ka poch ry ho?apk jo abi tst ma hain dn apk jo matrc ma tha nd last tym fsc ma thy un sy he agregate bany ga deduction to ksi b marks k nai ho g.ab uhs ny age limit b katm kr d hai agar koi 10 sal bad b tst dy to usk fsc and matric k wohe marks count hn gy sirf e.t k jo us dafa liay hn gy wo hn gy count

  199. TIËsTo says:

    Tnx maha actualy mane galti sa only e.t ka lika hua ta phr jub jaldi yad agaya to form wapis la kr thek kr k resubmit kar dia an well wat u thnk is 84.79 gud 4 rmc this year?

  200. noman says:

    sister Maha main ny bhi sirf mcat repeat kia hai.kya mery marks deduct to nahi ho jaen gy?

  201. noman says:

    sister iqra mery bhi 2no jaga pe serial numbers change hen.preshan na hon sab ka asy hi hai.

  202. maha says:

    yup tiesto u hav 2 write

  203. Tiesto182 says:

    Admission form pa aggregate percentage pa overall likna hota ha na?

  204. maha says:

    aur ali ma apko clear kr dn last tym merit 81.7 py close hny ki yeh reason nai the k test jaldi hua tha uski reasn yh the k seats incres hue the otherwise agar seats 2008 ya2009 jtni hoti to merit last tym b around 82% he hota

  205. maha says:

    yar manahil u r very rite ma khud efectee hn 0 key ki lakn yr daikho kuch stdts k 0key ma 990 marks hain by luck wo to ksi surat aplication nai dain gy nd boht sy efectees b aplication nai dain gy kiun k boht kam logn ny yeh site join k hue hai nd they also dnt knw k 0 key wrong the i m wd u bt yr koi aisa imediate tariqa socho jsy hmy b insaf mily aur jn k by chance zada marks a k agregate zada hua hai uny b pata chaly kiun k 12 sal hm ny mehnat ki hain bt unk fsc aur matric ma kam aur test ma zada hny k waja sy med colg ma admision milta hai dn ds z nt fair wd us ma yeh nai kehti unka admision na ho wo b stdts hain ALLAH kary sbka admision ho jai bt uhs waln ko deserving students ka zada kayal rakhna chaiye aik to watage rule change kia uper sy key b wrong v should join hands 4 justice

  206. maha says:

    manahil ap ka kia agregate hai?

  207. manahil says:

    misbah got first pos. with 1034 marks in fsc but in mcat only 693 marks under code zero. ali hussain got second pos . in boys with 1016 marks in fsc but only 790 in mcat under code zero

  208. manahil says:

    lekin bat tab hi strong ho ge jab students united hunge. jo students b is code 0 se affected hwe hen wo plz jaldy se send karen application

  209. manahil says:

    we are already late i have send the application to chief minister

  210. manahil says:

    i got above 1000 maks in fsc but in mcat i got only 806 marks with code zero. the whole key is not wrrong but at least 7 to 10 mcqs answer are wrong

  211. manahil says:

    is adres pe application tcs karen jaldy

  212. manahil says:

    0 code wale application ma ye likhen
    sir it is stated that i appeared in medical entrance test 2011 under code 0. according to the result key which has been presented on net, electronic media and print media my result percentage is very low.on other hand i scored —– marks in fsc. so many other students who are position holders have also become the victim of this result key under code “0”. so it is requeted please recheck and revise the answer key code “0′ i hope that u will sympathetically cosider my request.
    thank you
    yours obediently
    roll no.

  213. iqra says:

    uhs ki site pe mera serial no 2780 tha but offitial result card pe it is 4757 hai !!! what is this??? serial no ka matlab kia hai????

  214. iqra says:

    agar only mcat repeat kare without repeating fsc to kya final merit me se marks deduct ho ge??? pleasse infprm me as soon as possible! thanks !

  215. aisha says:

    k,… we ppl cn now pray …

  216. Mahmood says:

    yes aisha, i think the merit may be around 81

  217. aisha says:

    @ Mahmood wat u r trying to say dat merit will close at 81% ..???????? plz tell me i m so worried..

  218. Mahmood says:

    tiesto,what was response of the peoples while collecting adm kit. when i was there for prospectus, out of 55 peoples 9 students had vey low marks in matric, while 13 peoples had more marks in entry test than FSc. however the average which i had seen was around 81 in Rawalpindi (at that specific day). i was there (at rawalpindi) for more than two hours.

  219. noman says:

    don`t worry yar agar ap ko result card nahin mila to ap internet se apna result wala page print krva k usy attest krva k submit kra den.wo bhi valid h.

  220. 777 says:

    abi tak mujay mcat ka result card nae mila ?????i m worried !!!!!!!kia aap sab ne
    admission kit le li hai????????????????????

  221. ahmad says:

    merit jo b ho ga 30th ko pata chal jahay ga simple

  222. anonymous says:

    yeah.you are right guys.this is injustice.we should protest that merit should be lowered for those who got that 0 code paper.

  223. noman says:

    i`ve got 984 marks with code 0.i think merit will be around 81%

  224. maha says:

    asher u r rite

  225. Asher says:

    Ali bhaii apney amrks zaida aa gaye hai isliye tumhey to lagey ga merit upaar hey jana hai

  226. Arsalaan Naveed says:

    yaaar , mine was also 0 code . . . i scored 908 but BY GOD BY GOD , there is some problem with the 0 code . . . . i was expecting something closer to 975 :( so people lets join our hands and get our voices echoed untill and unless 0 code effectess r given some concession . . . .plzZzZz

  227. ali says:

    anonymous:yeah i found 2 vocabulary mistakes in the key0,coz all of the words were so easy dat i was surprised hw cud ths happen dat inspite of the easy vocab words,i have done 2 mistakes. Might b there are 10such mstakes in the key, otherwise i cudn’t hav scored ths much

  228. ali says:

    what is the expcted merit for K.E this year?

  229. anonymus says:

    hm ye nae keh rae k cod 0 key puri wrong hm just y keh rae k kuch mcq k ans wrong specially in eng and chm

  230. ali says:

    last tym the merit dropped coz of entry test taken earlier, odrwise it wil surely cross 83% like in 2008 and 2009.

  231. ali says:

    every1 jst b mature,merit this year will b around 83 or more. And i dnt thnk therez any problem with 0 code ,coz i got 970 wid dat. And no one can be dat lucky to get most of his answerz corect

  232. aisha says:

    Allah kre aisa he ho ameen

  233. mahmood says:

    Maha;Allah karey k aisa hiho it may be in between 80 t0 80.5%

  234. HAROON says:

    can anybody tell me any roll number of lahore centres plz its urgent

  235. maha says:

    no mehmood u r wrong merit vl b around 80.5% inshaALLAH

  236. Mahmood says:

    The following factors will play an important role in the final merit and I assume the situation is complex. the merit may be around 81.5%
    The new merit MERIT FORMULA.
    The result of FSc in Lahore region
    The no of A level students who scored around 900 marks (this year they are more in nos)

  237. AMBER KHAN says:

    Inshallah All of You will get admission in ur desired Medical Colleges.My best Wishes 4 all of You…I hope after admission Inshallah Tala you’ll tell names of Medical Colleges in which u’ll b admitted on this page PLZZZZ……….

  238. AMBER KHAN says:

    I wish k merit 80.5% tk aa jaye n I’ll pray 4 all of you Allah kry App Sb ka 1st list main he name aye n mera b.AminSumamin.

  239. rabi says:

    yep.. actually the point is the people with 0 key couldn’t score as much as they expected.. atleast this is what happened in my case.. i hope rest do agree wimme..

  240. maha says:

    nd i also heard tht seats is dafa 3600 hain nd expcted merit 80.5% tk hai coz iz watage rule sy sb k percntage effct hue hai.wht u people say about ds???

  241. maha says:

    nd yr i also heard k seats b 3600 ho gai hain nd merit b 80.5% tk expcted hai coz is watage rule sy sb k % effct hue hai.wht u people say about ds???????

  242. maha says:

    yr let say 0key wrong the but hm kia kr sakty hain yr mera code b 0 tha nd mery markx 826 hain but ma zada espct kr rahe the coz mera test boht acha hua tha.lakn yr ab uhs koi step ly tb b bt hai otherwise hm kia kr sakty hain

  243. AMBER KHAN says:

    Sumamin.Yes Rabi It may b possible because my all other friends who had 0 key paper did not cross 750 although we discussed many of mcqs.

  244. aisha says:

    @ rabi u mean uhs code 0 walo k papers dobara mark kre ge? or yr plz pray k merit km he ho pichke sal se ……… wce ap logo ka kia khn tk hoga merit close? Allah hm sb ko kamiyab kre ameen
    or hm sb apne desired medical colleges ma phnch jaeye ………… ameen

  245. rabi says:

    i totally agree tha the 0 paper key has some problem. and those who are sayin that their friends secured 853 n 908 marks with this key or what-so-ever could have been lucky to get their wronged MCQ’s marked correct. UHS must take this under consideration and check the key again or the merit must be lowered.

  246. maha says:

    yr is dafa merit kitny tk any k chances hain?kindlyyyyyyyyyyyy tel me

  247. aisha says:

    my freind has got 908 marks with code 0 paper

  248. AMBER KHAN says:

    Uhs walon ko Fsc k marks kaisy send krny hain?plz tell me.

  249. AMBER KHAN says:

    My friend has 853 marks with 0 key.How is it possible with wrong key?

  250. ajmal says:


  251. aisha says:

    hey yr plz tell me ktne max aye ap logo k?

  252. gul zareen says:

    plz bta dain uhs entry test ka result kb announce kray gi`

  253. manahil says:

    @ mahmood u r rite,max students having the code 0 secured marks in b/w 750 to 800,they have to lower the merit………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. Saiff says:

    mostly students with more then 1000 marks in fsc have gotten less then 750 marks in entry test so that they are protesting , that 0 key is wronge , i ask if 0 key is wronge then how they have got more then 700 marks in entry test

  255. HAROON says:

    amber ur entrance test.intermediate and fsc marks

  256. aisha says:

    @ mahmood wat do u think khn tk close hoga merit? plz tell me i m in great tnxn

  257. mahmood says:

    last year the merit was 81.7 with 70:30 formula and now the formula has beenchange.as per new formula themerit may come donw slightly as the students having 0 code paper have low %age of marks (in a range of 750 to 800). the noof 0 code papers are about 9000

  258. zunaira says:

    when we get our result…….plz inform cmfirm date……i listened that result is nt announced today….

  259. aisha says:

    @ amber mere matric ma 850 ma se hain or mera agg 82% ha

  260. AMBER KHAN says:

    Aisha app ka agg. 81.9% se zyada nahi ban raha?Matrick k total marks 1050 thy ya 850???

  261. Aliza Farooq says:

    Can anyone kindly ans me .. ??

  262. Aliza Farooq says:


  263. Aliza Farooq says:

    And is 88.3% secure ??

  264. AMBER KHAN says:

    I Had Heard That Key 0 Was Wrong.I Don,t know Much About It.My Key was 2.

  265. Atifa says:

    Anybuddy can tell me when UHS will announce the rslt……????

  266. aisha says:

    yr ap logo kaktna agg bn rha ha plz tell me plz

  267. samia says:

    r u sure about 0 key?

  268. aisha says:

    haroon wats ur aggregate?

  269. manahil says:

    when will the official result of uhs be announced????

  270. manahil says:

    amber n mohsin r u sure that key 0 ia not correct??????????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me?????????/

  271. haroon says:

    tahir abdulah ur entrance test intermediate and matric marks

  272. tahir abdullah says:

    oh yes UHs is great it elevated my agregate at 83.17939. best of luck my friends may god help us all. ANDes bar merit 1-1.5% barhay ga.

  273. haroon says:

    mohsin app ko kaisay pata hai

  274. Mohsin says:

    Key 0 is not correct. TO Amber

  275. aisha says:

    best ov luck to me nd u awll

  276. aisha says:

    maha nd amber wats ur aggregate?

  277. mehak says:

    r u sure? entry test(MCAT) 2011 will be announced on 19 sep.plz tell me.

  278. mehak says:

    r u sure?

  279. AMBER KHAN says:

    Key 0 was not right!Is it true…?

  280. student says:

    official result of entry test(MCAT) 2011 will be announced on 19 september at midnight on 12:00 AM best of luck!!

  281. AMBER KHAN says:


  282. AMBER KHAN says:

    WhatS ur %age????

  283. AMBER KHAN says:

    I have heard that Result will be Announced Tommorow..Any news from U?

  284. Amber says:

    maha ap kay kitny % hn plzzzz tell.

  285. maha says:

    what is the date of official result of UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES ?

  286. Amber says:

    Best Wishes 4 ME N ALL of YOU.Allah Will Do The Best 4 All of Us.INSHALLAH.

  287. Amber says:

    Is bar merit kitny % pe close hony k chances hn n fsc k marks kaisy snd krny hn plzzzzzzzzzzz tell..

  288. aisha says:

    hey where r u ppl ? plz any idea about merit ?

  289. aisha says:

    i have got 840 in mcat , 954 in fsc , nd 777 in matric . my aggregate z 81.9% . r dere any chances fr my adm in med clg ?plz tell me

  290. HAROON says:

    plz upload ur intermediate,matric and medical entry test marks of yours and ur friends

  291. Mushaita Liaquat says:

    plz tell me that result on carbon paper our final result.

  292. Amna says:

    plz do tell me,when the final result will annouce…???

  293. Afaq Jalib says:

    may Allah bless every student with success

  294. rabiajameel says:

    best of luk to all

  295. areej says:

    best ofluck to all studnts especially repeaters like me

  296. shagufta yasmeen says:


  297. maha says:

    how can we

  298. Masooda Naeem says:

    it’s a very useful website for students…i really liked it…

  299. sana says:

    plz tell me k mcqs buk sy aen gy k conceptual……….

  300. fatima says:

    cant people living in sindh apply to lmdc through the uhs test?

  301. Sehrish Malik says:


  302. Sehrish Malik says:


  303. zeeshan says:

    wish u a gud luck iqra

  304. iqra riaz. says:

    i have done my inter papers and now i want get admission in food and nutrition.


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