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Development Of Education In Pakistan

The key to success for any nation lies in their concern and development of education sector. As the education is promoted in the nation this reduces the illiteracy rate which ultimately reduces the unemployment which is one the biggest curse on any nation. The education sector in Pakistan is over looked by the government ministry of education and the provincial government. Whereas the development of curriculum and financing is done with the assistance of the federal government, in the past few decade Pakistan education is continuously developing which is eventually helping the development of the entire nation. One of the drawbacks which Pakistan education is facing is low investment of the public in this sector, which is only 2 to 2.2 % of the total GDP. Although the provincial government has stated to increase this to almost 7 % which would be a live miracle if achieved. The education system in Pakistan is comprised of 5 levels which include; Primary, Middle, High, intermediate and university (undergraduate and graduate degrees). The past data indicate that the literacy rate in Pakistan is increasing to almost 10% every passing year.

Development Of Education In Pakistan

As modern education system are adopted in Pakistan which are taken from the British education system which is playing a vital role in spreading English level all over the state. The census shows that almost 18 million which is 11 % of the total population has total command on English language which makes Pakistan the 9th largest English speaking nation in the world and the 3rd largest in Asia. The education in Pakistan is carried in two major languages comprising of English and Urdu. The curriculum which is opted at normal circumstances comprises of 8 major subjects who includes Urdu, English, Mathematics, Arts, and Sciences, Social studies, Islamiyat and sometimes computer studies. As most of the curriculum are taken from the British education system which consists of Oxford press, another drawback is that this makes the normal education very expensive which goes beyond the purchase and buying power of the majority of the local people.

So due to expensive education many people are kept beyond the reach due to unavailability of resources. The old expired curriculum has also decreased the quality of education as there is shortage of teachers and poorly equipped laboratories are the result of less concentration shown by the government by lesser resources allocation. After all these controversies Pakistan is struggling in the field of education and steps taken on national level are showing the determination and  fortitude of the government and local people. Despite of this Pakistan produces 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 computer science graduates, which shows that still Pakistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world.


  1. dil is good development to education. also in over area kahuta road rawalpindi.pls keep it up for better future of our children.

  2. Pakistan education system is facing lot of problems. but main reason is allocation of low funds and lack of check machinism. proper buget and good managment can solve the problem of education.

  3. yes, It is a historically proven fact that education sector plays a vital role in the success of any nation and this reality should must be considered by the pakistani nationals, government, and LEGISLATURES also.
    I especially highlighted the legislature body, because there are some very basic steps which should be taken by the legislatures of our nation. Not very far, I talk about India. In the said country education is a constitutional right and according to law constitutional right can be claimed by court by any of the convicted person. In very simple words it can be said that if any one has not been facilitated by his right to get education he can go to court for this constitutional violation that government has not provided him his constitutional right (education). Whereas, in Pakistan; there is no such situation and no one can go to the court that he has not been awarded by education here education is not a constitutional right.
    I am not idealizing the Indian education system, I have just quoted one of the good thing of their education system.
    As i quoted above that in India any one can go to the court against said constitutional violation but, in Pakistan you have no such option to raise your voice for the same. Now, what is the practicing in Pakistan; we have to go to the political workers, politicians and political parties which is not a proper channel and which may not be the authority for constitution of school and up-gradation of any school e.g. up-gradation of primary school to middle etc.
    and the other one thing which i also appeal to the educationists that yes, it is no doubt a truth; we are the 9th largest English Speaking Nation of the world and 3rd largest of the Asia. Now, I push a question to the educationists whether, china, Japan Jermany etc. are in the up above 8 largest english speaking nations no not at all.
    Now I put one more question to our educationists. If you check the top ten nations of the world regarding economic success, education development or any type of development; are they developed countries just because of English speaking, Never. Yes, it is a fact that English speaking countries are developed countries but they have made this development because of their other capacities and capabilities not because of this ,that they are English Speaking Nations. Yes, as we are under developed countries we should try to learn from the successful nations but we should learn the key skills and key areas of them which make them able, that people of the whole world are trying to learn their language and trying to adopt the fess ions of that nations. We should adopt their school systems, their education system but we should never force our coming generations to burn their time, hard working capability and talent to learn a new language in-spite of learning and searching his subject.
    At last I request to the common nationals of Pakistan that please focus on education and put an appeal to the private sector to invest in education sector to build a strong nation in coming years.


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