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Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan

In this article we will be putting brief light on the scope of textile designing in Pakistan. As we all know that textile has been all related with the clothes and knitting in the same way textile designing would also be somehow related with such fields. Textile Designing takes the person into the world of fiber, clothing fabrics, yarning, knitting, hand-woven and making of home textile accessories. Textile Designing holds great importance for any house. Every single day we sleep on bed sheets on beds, walk on carpets, make the use of stunning pillows, wash the face with towel and hang curtains. All such items are crated beautifully by textile designers. In the past timings, the textile designers used hand made machines for making the fibers and yarns but now the technology has taken a new turn. Now the experts make the use of diverse machines and printing press for setting the desired pattern.

Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan

This field is a hot topic now a days and Textile Designing is closely related With the Textile Fashion and the printed Phases on the Fabrics. Textile Design is basically concerns with the technical understanding Of the Yarn and the modes Of Working Of Fiber at Industrial Sector. Textile Design is a field which is involved in the process of creating designs for knitted, woven or printed fabrics. Textile design is an integral part of fashion industry.

Textile design comprises both surface design and structural design. Designs for both woven and printed textiles often begin with a drawing or water color sketch of the finished design. Textile designers visualize a finished textile and look after the technical aspects of production and the properties of fiber, yarn, and dyes. They usually handle embroidery designs, print, weave, color detailing and texture. Traditionally, drawings of woven textile patterns were translated onto special forms of graph paper called point papers which were used by the weavers in setting up their looms. These are some motivating facts about the Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan.

Today, most professional textile designers use some form of computer-aided design software created expressly for this purpose. With fashion trends changing almost everyday the need for newer designs becomes imperative for the apparel or fashion industry. The textile designers always work in tandem with fashion designers and complement each other. Textile designers work within and alongside industries such as fashion, interior design and textiles.

As the educational globe is expanding more and more the textile designing is also making its prominent place among the students. There is huge percentage of such students that think that they can make their future prosperous with the study of textile designing. There are huge number of divisions and sectors that are offering wide range of jobs to the qualified textile students. If the students are thinking to get into the textile designing field work then they also need to be much aware from the graphic designing and CAD that is Computer Aided Designing. Every year the increment of Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan.

This method helps the students to get along with the use of making the designs over the fibers and yarns in much idealistic and perfect manner modes. In addition, the students can adopt the clothing industries and companies for jobs. Such industries are all about the knitting and making of clothes that are further supplied in the markets. The below given are specialized fields where Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan can be highlighted.

Textile Design Specialized Fields

  • Interiors ( home furnishing )
  • Fabrics for garments and accessories

Textile Designing Courses In Pakistan

The study of Textile Design includes all or few of these Textile Designing Courses In Pakistan and you can get the full info after showing your interest in each course. Every course has its own uniqueness with respect to the subject and focused about the outcomes after completing the course.

Scope of Textile Designing In Pakistan

  • Introduction to design principles
  • Design elements and principles
  • Textile electronics and CAD
  • Textile dying and pattern making
  • Practical

The above four to five courses are main one and you can get the detailed aspect of different courses maintain the requirements explored. The design principles are basic to advance level and you can view the whole aspect according to the current updates of courses.

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Objectives Of Textile Design

  • To make innovative, ethnic and contemporary designs available to the textile sector
  • To give young designers, the exposure to exporters, international buyers, design houses in order to get a better price for their designs through design trends and forecasts
  • To give the weavers & workers better exposure to the markets so as to enable them to have better livelihood and more sustainable development.

Textile Designer Jobs In Pakistan

  1. Furnishing designers
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Home stylists
  4. Design coordinators
  5. Freelance designers
  6. Colourists
  7. Repeat artists
  8. Marketing professionals
  9. Technical professionals
  10. Textile Design Assistant
  11. Director of Design
  12. Design consultant
  13. Faculty
  14. Merchandising assistant
  15. Designer cum manager
  16. Embroidery designers
  17. Dying & printing consultant
  18. Fabric analyser
  19. Textile lab manager
  20. Fabric resource manager

These above 20 job titles are new approach from

Job Opportunities For Textile Designers Sector Wise

  • Retail / Stores
  • Merchandising firms
  • Maintenance and cleaning companies
  • Fashion houses
  • Apparel manufacturers
  • Dying & printing factories
  • Textile laboratory
  • Research and development firms
  • Fabric export houses
  • Textile design educational institutes

The above given jobs and career lines are limited one. There are many jobs and career opportunities can further explore in the market. Some of the commonly used printing methods utilized here according to the Job Opportunities For Textile Designers.

  • Direct Printing
  • Overprinting
  • Discharge Printing
  • Resist Printing
  • Block Printing
  • Roller Printing
  • Screen Printing

Textile Designer Salary In Pakistan

The salary estimation is not possible at any level but for textile designer it is according to the market saturation. If market needs textile designer then demand of textile designer salary. The perspective that will explain here about the salary after textile designing. It is estimated that one textile designer may get minimum 25000 rupees Pakistani and there is no upper limit of salary range. The more experience means the more Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan for you in terms of salary. It is learned by that professionals are earning more than expectation when they have one or more year experience. So textile designer salary in pakistan is not limited.

Textile Designing Universities In Pakistan

The below given list is going to have you informed as per the justified way and makes the related terms with respect to the institute list

  • National Textile University Faisalabad.
  • Textile Institute of Pakistan.
  • Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences.
  • Hajvery University.
  • National College of Arts [ NCA ]
  • Pakistan Knitwear Training Institute.
  • University of Engineering & Technology – Lahore.

These are highlighted Textile Designing Universities In Pakistan shows the well reputed list only on the first come first serve basis.

Well through this discussion we are sure that our readers would have gained enough knowledge about the Textile Designing. This sector and its importance cannot be denied out at any cost of time. On the whole we would say that if you think that you can make your future successful with Textile designing then just take admission for learning textile designing now. Hope now you have the fine idea about the Scope Of Textile Designing In Pakistan. If you want to share some information then comment box is waiting for you.


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