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O Level Exam Fee Pakistan 2024 Per Subject

The page will specifically talk about the O Level Exam Fee Pakistan 2024 Per Subject. O level or Ordinary level is a qualification certificate that is being taken by the General Certificate of Education GCE. O level was introduced in 1951 as the alternate School certificate. In Pakistan, the O level is equal to the Matriculation and is being offered by many institutes in Pakistan. British Council takes O-level exam from those candidates who want to pursue this level of education in Pakistan. Students who are looking for the O Level Exam Fee Pakistan 2024 Per Subject and want to pursue the O level in Pakistan can check out this page. Students are also allowed to check O-Level in Pakistan from this page. O Level Per Subject fee in Pakistan is very reasonable and students can easily afford it. Students have the option to choose their desired courses from the offered courses.

O Level Exam Fee Pakistan 2024 Per Subject

The per-subject-wise guidance shall be available for students so they can access the project as per the allowed terms. The allowed terms are being explained as per the necessary approach. The O-level exam fee Pakistan 2024 per subject will be focused with respect to the kind approach as best as it should be. The systematic approach is kind enough that exam fees in Pakistan are not tough to obtain as per the announced schedule and way out.


O Level Exam Fee Pakistan Per Subject

The below are fees but not the updated ones because updated fees will be there for you so that you can get an idea about the O-level exam fee structure per subject. The way out is possible and you can judge how the whole process is doing best with the subject. Every subject has its own performance-level mindset to make things certain. The O Level exam fee is entirely focused upon the consistent way that is doing well as per the requirements. Below here, we have given the fee for all the subjects according to the last year. So check it now.

4Aco Accounting 24,200
4Bio Biology 28,200
4Cho Chemistry 28,200
4EC0 Economics 24,200
4EA0 English Language A Option A 28,200
English Language A Option BT 24,200
4EB0 English Language B 25,000
4ET0 English Literature – Option A 28,200
English Literature Option BT 24,200
4PM0 Further Pure Mathematics- Option A 28,200
4HB0 Human Biology 28,200
4Ma0 Mathematics A Option F 28,200
Mathematics A Option H 28,200
4MB0 Mathematics B 28,200
4Ph0 Physics 28,200
4SC0 Science (Double Award) 44,200

O Level Exam Fee Pakistan 2020 Per Subject

This is the O level exam fee Pakistan 2024 per subject which is updated by the British Council which is responsible for taking the annual exam of O level in Pakistan. Students who fail in any subject will have to submit the subject fee again in order to appear in the annual exam of O level in Pakistan. This exam is based on the grading system that is developed for O Level Exam Fees. Those students who get A, B, C, D, or E in their exam will consider passing but those students who get F or U will consider failing. In the O-level exam, there will be negative markings in case of poor spelling, grammar or spelling mistakes, and wrong answers. The way out is perfect in representing the system approach which means every new student of O Level majorly depends upon the registration schedule. It is all about the O Level Exam Fees in Pakistan.