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Difference Between O level And Matric in Pakistan

Here we will discuss the Difference Between O level And Matric in Pakistan. Pakistan is the country in which different types of educational systems are being arranged and followed.  This is considered to be the major and important reason for the failure and depressing educational system in Pakistan. The two common and popular educational systems in Pakistan are O Levels and Matric. These days, many students face the problem that which type of educational system he/she wants to choose. In this informative article, we will discuss the main differences between O level and Matric in Pakistan.

Difference Between O level And Matric in Pakistan

Difference Between O level And Matric in Pakistan

The main differences are as follows:

  1. The most important and main difference between Matric and O Level is that “Matric is considered to be national educational system in Pakistan“. On the other hand, O Level is the “educational system which is completely based on the British educational system“.
  2. The second important difference between Matric and O level is that “matric education is considered to be more cheaper and easy as compared to O Level education“. “O Levels education is more expensive and difficult“. Because of this reason, many Pakistani students who belong to middle class families would not be able to afford O Levels education system. So they prefer to choose Matric education system.
  3. The third important difference between the Matric and O Levels education system is that the “quality of O Levels education is more superior as compared to Matric education system“. The reason is that “O Levels education system is adopted from styles of British education“.
  4. Matric education system is the only education system which is recognized in the whole Pakistan“. On the other hand, “O Levels education system is recognized in the whole world“.
  5. The last main difference between O Levels and Matric education system is that in “Matric education system, Urdu and English language are options“. On the other hand, “English language is used in O Levels education system“. In other words, “O Levels education system is considered to the popular education system in the whole world and “O level promote the English language in the whole world“.

So these are considered to be important and main Difference Between O level And Matric in Pakistan. If any student gets confuse that which type of education system wants to choose then he should study the above mentioned differences and then choose the best education system.


  1. I think this the deference between the lower middle class & the Richest class people.

    One system of education is better than

  2. I think o level should be as cheaper as matric so all our middle class families might be able to aford it’s expences…

  3. i think we sport to o level education in pakistan butt we also sport islamic study then being a muslim better postion in whole world

  4. unfortunately English has become international language so in that we should prefer to O level, but matric is also fin as national education.

  5. some one told me that an other system is also in pakistan i.e elite education system. is it beter than cambridge system.
    kindly reply soon.


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