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Impact Of Globalization on Education In Pakistan

Due to the invention of new technologies and communication globalization is influencing rapidly in Pakistan. It is the process of economic development and integration of trade, investment, capital flow, educational advancement, and technological change. So check Impact Of Globalization on Education In Pakistan from this page. Globalization also refers to the process of linking the people communities, societies and countries of the world in order to beat or confront the challenges which are posed by globalization since last 15 to 20 years. Globalization often refers to the internationalization.  Here below we are going to reveals of displays the important positive and negative impacts of globalization in Pakistan. Keep reading this article until the end will probably help you to understand Impact of Globalization on Education in Pakistan.

Impact Of Globalization on Education In Pakistan

Impact Of Globalization on Education In Pakistan

Definition of Globalization:

Globalization of education is defined as the integration of the economics, societies, world’s culture, information, technologies, and transnational investments, impacts of the free market on local and national economies. Globalization refers to the process of building a link between people, societies, and economies of the world strengthen.

Impacts of Globalization on Education:

Education is one of the fundamental component and essential element of development in every country. Pakistan is undoubtedly rich in excellent educational infrastructure. The main purpose or aim of globalization in Pakistan is to exchange the thoughts and ideas on positive impacts of education, new strategies, and advancement in education. Many educationists call in order to improve the possibilities, understanding, exchanging thoughts and sentiments, for world peace and justice. Through the exchange of thoughts at a productive level, it ultimately raises the standard of education at international level. By adopting globalization the skills and qualities of teachers can be improved. It is also helpful in advancing the standard of education, learning process, and teaching strategies

Positive Impacts of Globalization in Pakistan:

There is a number of positive effect and impacts of globalization education in Pakistan. Some of them are listed below in detail;

  • It helps in providing higher income for people, increases per capita income in Pakistan
  • It ultimately improves the standard of living of people.
  • Due to higher income and better living standard, they are also being able to learn better education.
  • Due to increase or improvement in the education standard and knowledge, there is ultimately better understanding regarding health, care, superstitions, human rights and bad habits.

Negative Effects of Globalization in Pakistan:

There are so many negative effects of globalization which lead to the severe outcomes. The some of the negative effects are listed below in detail.

  • Globalization sometime leads to exploitation of labor badly.
  • Job insecurity is one of the negative effects of globalization, people are living in dread of losing a job due to increase in competition.
  • Multi international takes over the local industries due to globalization
  • Ridiculous and disastrous propagandas spread on internet through the enemy nations
  • Due to globalization, inflammation within country exceeds its limits, due to which there is lack of stability of the government.
  • It asserts bad effects of foreign culture and badly affects the local culture through the internet of TV.
  • The richer become richer and the poorer become poorer, the effect of globalization is not universal.

This is the positive and negative Impact Of Globalization on Education In Pakistan. Where globalization has some positive effects, there are some negative effects too which cannot be negotiated at all.

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