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Preparation For Css

CSS is a competitive examination for recruitment to posts in BS-17.This exam is dream for every student.So in preparation for CSS these are those certain problems,which we confront when we aspire to take CSS exam.These are following

Preparation For Css exams

1:What optional subjects should 1 opt?Preparation For Css exams

2:Am I competent enough to take CSS exams?

3:What is sufficient time span for preparation?

4:How much should I study?

First we discussed about first point which is about optional subjects.There are two perspectives:

(a)Optional subjects about which we learn that they are high scoring subjects.

(b)Optional subjects about which we learn that they are not that high scoring subjects.

No denying the fact that there are certain subjects,which are high scoring  but no subject is low scoring if one is well prepared.Only requirement to get high score is to know how to deal that subject.Your aptitude is your strength,higher the aptitude higher would be the success rate.

Now we discussed about second point which is about competent .There are indeed some apprehensions such as:

(a)I have never enjoyed creditable academic record.

(b)My English is not good enough.

(c)I am not confident.

The above are too much important things for  the preparation of CSS.

Now we discussed about third thing which is about sufficient  time:

No one can predict accurate time span it could be from 6 months to 3 years.All is what academic background you have,what kind of skills you have and your capability to graps concept.If one has to start from scratch but possessing good mental capabilities roug estmation is of 1 year.If one has to start from scratch with not too good mental capabilities rough estimation is of one and half year.If one need not to start from scratch and possessing good mental capabilities rough estimation is of 6 months.The thing is you have to gauge your skills precisely because no one can better predicate time span for preparation but only you.Another thing is the time span is estimated with viewing of getting good positions.There could be no time span if one claim oneself a fatalist and insist to enjoy the after maths of ones adventure based on “high stars” rather then on deliberation

Now discussed about How much should I study?:

Answer of this question strictly depends on your choice of time span coupled with your mental capabilities.What so ever time span you chose as suggested above you need to study from 6 to 8 hours on daily basis.


  1. I have 10 months for preparation.
    Can anyone tell me which subjects are best for me ,i am law graduate.
    I am confused,and don’t know what to do?


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