UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Guide

ECAT which is known as the Engineering College Assessment Test is being taken by university of Engineering and Technology Lahore for the admission and enrollment in the respective of Engineering and here you can get the complete information of UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Guide. Mainly each engineering college holds its own ECAT but the majority of the engineering colleges considers the results of the ECAT taken by the University Engineering and technology. The ECAT examination which is being taken under University Engineering and Technology Lahore includes four major subjects amongst which is Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English mainly for the FSC passed students. The complete Guide that How to Apply for ECAT, ECAT Test Sample Paper and all other information you may need to know is available to this page.

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Guide

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Guide

The examination consist of ECAT MCQ’s which should be answered and mainly the questions are from the course of intermediate so it is very essential for getting good marks in the ECAT examination one should have good grip over the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Here is the ECAT Sample Test Paper,  For providing good preparation there are so many institutions all over the country and even in Lahore which are offering their services in this regard so being the part of this session can be very fruitful and if not the full session than one should make sure that he/she attends the test session which will give the awareness regarding the complete demo of the ECAT and will play a vital role in the preparation of the examination.

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English


In the English section includes the correction of verbs, synonyms and antonyms and the correct usage of the nuns, so to get a full grip on these concepts one should practice them on the ECAT sample papers which are available in the market and once these samples are being attempted than it will give a better view and understanding to the candidate before they get into the real examination.


In the chemistry section it includes the general description of organic and inorganic compounds and at the same time is also consisting of categorization of elements in periodic table and also the chemical reactions. So to attempt these tricky questions the candidate should be very much clear regarding the chemical reactions and should comprehensively go through the chemistry course book so that better understanding will lead to a better attempt in the ECAT Test Centers Examinations.


In the physics section most of the section is comprised of the measurement, vectors and scales and light spectrum, this is because these topics have variety of minute information and can be asked in the multiple choice questions. So the best preparation technique is to study every minute information neglecting nothing so that the ECAT should attempt properly.


The mathematics section is majorly comprised of Integration and differentiation and as well as trigonometry so for a better preparation one should try to solve as many questions as possible in this regard which will give them the best understandings of these contents.



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