University of Health & Sciences, Lahore Conducts Entry Test 2012

The entry test for admission in medical / dental Institutions of the Punjab shall be held on Sunday, 23rd September 2012, at the same time at 20 centers in 12 cities of the Punjab. The test shall start at 09:00 am, the University has before now issued Roll Numbers to eligible candidates, Roll number-wise allocation of candidates. All the candidates who have got their Admittance Cards issued by the University must reach their particular centers by 08:00 am, on 23rd September.University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore

Due to flood, the centre at D.G. Khan has been shifted to Muzaffargarh. All the Candidates who were earlier selected D.G. Khan Centre on their Admittance Cards issued by shall now appear at Govt. Degree College for Boys Muzaffargarh.

The center shall be sealed / closed at 08:15 am, and nobody shall be allowed to enter the examination center after that. All candidates are advised to identify precise location of their centers a day earlier.

Note: Do not forget to bring your admittance card with you.


Name of City


Roll No.



1. Lahore BISE, Examination Centers,49-A Lawrence Road, Lahore 0006343 to 0007491 0011001 to 0014017
2. Examination Halls, Punjab University, Wahdat Road, Lahore 0000001 to 0004800
3. Govt. Comprehensive Girls High School Wahdat Road, Lahore 0004801 to 0006342
4. Faisalabad University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 0441501 to 0442541
5. Govt. Degree College (W) Madina Town, Faisalabad 0436501 to 0438830
6. Sahiwal Govt. Postgraduate Degree College for Boys, Sahiwal 0758001 to 0759000 0760001 to 0760517
7. Multan Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan 0326501 to 0329618 0331501 to 0333741
8. Bahawalpur Islamia University, Baghdad ul Jadeed, Bahawalpur 0118001 to 0118970 0120501 to 0121056
9. Muzaffargarh Govt. Degree College for Boys, Muzaffargarh 0971501 to 0972182 0973501 to 0973972
10. Rahim Yar Khan Sheikh Zayed Public School, Rahim Yar Khan 0544501 to 0545104 0546001 to 0546329
11. Sargodha University of Sargodha, Sargodha 1179501 to 1180461 1182001 to 1182408
12. Rawalpindi Siddique Public School, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 0648591 to 0652494
13. Govt. Degree College for Boys, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 0654581 to 0655434
14. Govt. Postgraduate College (W), 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 0654001 to 0654580
15. Ideal Cambridge School, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 0648001 to 0648590
16. Hassan Abdal Govt. College for Women, Hazara Road, Hassan Abdal 1076001 to 1076304 1077501 to 1077577
17. Gujrat University of Gujrat, Gujrat 0223001 to 0223936 0224501 to 0224845
0223938 to 0223944
18. Gujranwala Govt. College (B) Satellite, Gujranwala 0867501 to 0868173
19. Govt. Comprehensive High School, Gujranwala 0862501 to 0864000
20. Govt. Higher Secondary School, G.T. Road, Gujranwala 0864001 to 0864591

Ph: 042-99231304-9, UAN: 111-3333-66, Fax: 042-99230870
UHS Website :

DG Khan MCAT Entry Test Date

University of Health & Sciences, Lahore Conducts Entry Test 2012


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