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Roza Rakhne Ki Dua (Sehri) Niyat

Here you will be able to get Roza Rakhne Ki Dua (Sehri) Niyat with Translation. In Islam, some worships start with some Niyat or Intention. This Niyat is about starting that Worship and asking Allah to help us complete it. As we know, fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and is obligatory for Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan. The 9th month in the Islamic Calendar has a lot of importance in Islam. It is known as the month of forgiveness. The whole month is 29 to 30 days long. According to Islam, the rewards for each goodness are increased to thousands in this month. It means that a person who has done a lot of bad things in the past can earn the blessings of Allah Almighty in this month. Muslims fast this month and avoid doing any bad thing that affects their fasting. They offer five-time prayers and read the Holy Quran. At night, Muslims offer Namaz-e-Taraweeh. Have a look down for the Niyat of Sehri.

Sehri Ki Dua

On the 29th of Sha’ban, Muslims start searching for the crescent so that they can start the new month. If they find it, the new month is started otherwise the month of Sha’ban goes for 30 days. After this, the next month of Ramadan started. Muslims wake up at the Sehri time and start preparing for the fast. Then they intend the fast and visit the mosque for Fajr prayer. They offer 5 times of prayer during the day and read the Holy Quran. In the evening, the preparation for iftar is started and at the sunset, they break their fast with Iftar. They thank God for providing the food. At night after Isha prayer, they take part in Namaz-e-Taraweeh. It strengthens their faith.

Roza Rakhne Ki Dua in Arabic

Here is the Niyat for fasting. When you are going to start your fast, read this. Have a look at it.

Sehri Roza Rakhne Ki dua

Sehri Roza Rakhne Ki Duwa in Urdu

The translation of the Niyat in Urdu is here. Have a look at it.

Sehri Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat ki Dua with Translation

Sehri Ki Dua in English Translation

Sehri Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat ki Dua with Translation

Sehri Roza Rakhne Ki Niyat ki Dua with Translation

So, the month has started now. We all need to do as much as we can this month. It is the chance for all of us to be forgiven by Allah Almighty. It is the way we can get a lot of rewards. So, the time is just for worship. May Allah accept our good deeds and guide us to the right path. So, this was all about Roza Rakhne Ki Dua (Sehri) Niyat with Translation in UrduHopefully, you are confident about the post. Stay with us for more relative posts.

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