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Teaching Jobs Interview Questions And Answers In Pakistan

To mold the minds towards the positive thing and make them a good citizen Teachers play an important role in the Society. No Society could make progress without a team of teachers. The new thing and Technologies advancement make the role of teaching much competitive now. Every year every educational infinitude of Pakistan hire some new teachers and the complete hiring process does not only depend on how much grip a candidates does have on any subject but in the interview the officials do check that either this candidates have positive attitude and are in position to share their knowledge with others or not. That is why if you are applying for a teaching jobs in any of the Primary and Secondary level then you should be well prepared for the Teaching Jobs Interview Questions And Answers In Pakistan. When you enter into the Interview room then the first question every interviewer will going to ask you is “Tell us about yourself” this is the basic Question asked and you have to answer this question with your personal information.

Teaching Jobs Interview Questions And Answers In Pakistan

Do you Have any qualities to become a professional teacher?

If we want to see our society getting progress day and night then education will be the key and in teaching profession one should be continuously in the state of learning and sharing. Personally i am really a Enthusiastic leaner as well as a good communicator and wanted to continue in the society too so that is why choosing this profession of teaching could enlighten the mind of youngster and make them a good citizen of society

What are your Competencies and tell us about your Experience in a teaching job?

I have  (—) years of experience in teaching the students of Primary, Secondary in the Subjects like (—), (—), (—), etc. when i talk about my competencies then i am really good in handling students of different minds to bring them under what i wanted to in each class with love, care and interaction. I can also motivate students towards that specific subject by sharing my career experiences and practical concept to them. I also have a track record of teaching students of different class and in that i really score more than 60% every time.

Why do you want to change your institute you are currently working with?

I am a part of this educational institute since last (—) years and i really have a good learning experience there all the time. Now i feel that i am entering into the comfort zone so that is why change is compulsory in life to make sure that there is professional development that is why looking for a new institute will provide me new challenging work experience that could enhance my skill towards the perfection.

What is your style of Teaching?

Well my style of teaching is demonstrative and text book only got the concept information and if this information is provided to the students with the complete information and a lot of preparation then it would stay in the mind of Students for long time and also students could under that concept easily. I prefer in organize practical session for the students related to each subject class

What do you think what do Students look in their teachers?

Students want to look a role model in their teacher and also for a person that could lead them and guide them towards the better and bright future. So that is why as role model a teacher should posses positive attitude always towards life so that seeing this students could automatically motivated and spend life as a good citizens.

How you can identify the hidden talent of students as each and every one is special and gifted differently?

Yes absolutely this is a fact that every child is blessed and teacher is the person who can identify his or her that special talent and could encourage them to polish their that skill more. If one could want to identify that hidden talent then some classroom activities like essay writing, Painting, Play a role, involving them in discussion will really help. Event like sports and Cultural would also bring skills like leadership and Team working out of the student which he or she itself do not know.

What do you think what are the Challenges does a teacher face in Handling students now?

Yes role of teacher today is really challenging. These days both parents are working in most of the cases which resulted that the time they spend on their child studies is decreasing gradually and at the same time the expectation of these parents are very high and they expect them to excel in each education as well as extra curricular activities too. This is the main reason that why a teaching job is more challenging these days in giving individual attention to each students and made them to excel in each part.
The new Improving technologies and communication ways also sharpen students at their best because now a days students could be able to get any kind of information in just one click so that is why they wanted to their teacher upto dated to each information and have really good grip on these updates.

How Do you use Technology to keep Interest of students in that lesson?

No one can neglect the importance of Technologies in getting knowledge so that is why using Internet, Power Point Slides and Video Clips of that topic will keep the interest f every students towards me that could help them to understand it easily.

Do you Think every Teacher should have Good Communication Skills?

Yes Of-course a teacher is nothing without good communication skills because without these skills a teacher could not be able to provide his or her knowledge to the student at the level where they could understand it easily. A teachers is said to be a good teacher if they have really good communication skills.

Do you have any Techniques that ensure that every student in class could participate actively?

Communication should be always in two way because this is the old technique that where a teacher deliver a topic and students listen them. A teacher of today must be act like a facilitator as i would use small assignment to the students, Conduct Supersize Quiz and will make presentation of that topics that could help students and will gain their interest on the subject too.

What is the role of teacher in Discipline as Discipline is very important for the Success?

Schools are the first step where any student learn that what is discipline. Students learn many skills and in each discipline play a vital role. It happens then when teacher make their student to obey the rules and regulation then they do consider that teacher as a strict teacher and when they move further in their life they know that this discipline that we have to follow in restraints help them to get success in life.

What do you think you contribute in the development of the institution you are currently working with?

Yes i contributed in the development of my institution and do help to make this institution a well known in the city. I introduce the practical Session in the classes and as this would help students in understanding the concept so that is why the school board do help me in achieving this. Other that that the i also introduce quarterly extra curricular activities and in this way students do get perfect physically as if they are physically strong only then they could give full concentration to their studies.

If we select you that what can you contribute to this Institution?

First of all if i am selected only then will be able to enter into this institution system so after being a part of the system i would be able to suggest something if needed accordingly.

Well this question is just to confuse the candidates and check its confidence level. As you are not a part of the system then how could you be able to give suggestion to them so that is why being a outsider this answer will be perfect.

Do you work as a Team Member and in your opinion how perfect is a Team work?

No matter in which profession we are but team work is the basic thing to make your work more perfect and outstanding. If you have organize any of the event or function in your last institute then you can share with them with the proper planning and execution of each plan while being a part of the Team.

What  changes do you predict in our educational system of Pakistan in next 4 to 5 years.

As technologies are changing every day so that is why just rely on the text book to get the topic information is not just enough well there should be a major change in the course curriculum as well as the process of assessment could also be changes in my point of view.

How do you Develop the Self Confidence and Self Esteem in your Students?

One thing that every teacher should have to understand s that every students have different capabilities so that is why if we give chance to only those students who are bright and have more confidence will not be a correct procedure at all. As through this we actually lowering the confidence of other students who are not so bright and confident. SO that is why in each class and subject both the bright and dull students should be a part of the class activities as well as the extra curricular activities too. In this way students could be in a state where they could overcome the fear of not performing well and them over a period of time those who do not have confidence will be in the line of confident and brilliant students.

How you convey the Performance of any students to their parent in Parent Teacher Meeting and do this meeting helpful or not?

every parent send their kid to the educational institute as they think teacher is the person who could groom their children and will help them to get success in life as they are busy in the modern world in earning so the time they spend with their children are also decreasing which cause increasing the expectation of parents more to that institute as well as the teacher. SO that is why the parent teacher meeting should not be just a meeting where parent would be able to get the marks of their students. The basic emphasis on that day should be on the areas of the strength and weakness every kid require. Teacher should explain each and everything of children in front of their parent so that the parent could also play a role in polishing its strength and to overcome the weaknesses.

What you think that how good are you in the time management and handle work pressure?

Not for me but for every person who wanted to join its career as a teacher time management is very important. As if a teacher is a good time Manager only then they would be able to ensure the completion of the course and its all topic at the end of the year when after that students would be able to appear in the annual examination. First of all i view the complete syllabus of the course and then calculate the time from when i have to start and when i have to end this course. That help me in issuing each topic a specific hour and then i strictly execute that plan during whole year. In case of any disturbance in planning the management always support me in conducting the special classes so that i could complete the topic and then again get back on my track as i schedule at the start of the year.

What are your Career Goals and where you are seeing yourself in next 10 years?

This question is asked to the candidates just to check that how aspiring a candidates is towards its profession or he or she just happy on being a teacher in all their life. So that is why your answer should be in a way that my career goal is to become a head of this educational Institute. The experience i have gained till now and the next  year experience will surely make my goal clear to me and i definitely will achieve it.

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