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Basic Interview Tips for Freshers in Pakistan

Always keep in mind that two jobs interviews will not be conducted at the similar pattern. They always will be different in one or the other way like different environment, different company, different interviewer and so.  But, there are some Basic Interview Tips for Freshers in Pakistan that you should remember will preparing yourself for the interview.  In Pakistan there are different Interview Pattern for Different category of jobs for example if you are applying for the Marketing Jobs then the more questions will be from the marketing field and same as in Banking Sector, teaching, Armed Forces each one has some specific job related question but the Preparation for the Interview would be the same for all of the job category so that is why here on this page we have provided you some of the Basic Interview Tips if you are fresher and do not know about it so that you could easily wing the job you have applied and going for interview. Following are the useful Interview tips that can lead you to the job offer.

Basic Interview Tips for Freshers in Pakistan

Basic Interview Tips for Freshers in Pakistan

  • To get ready for the interview includes preparing the portfolio and wardrobe. Try to carry yourself in the best way you can. Dressing and personality gives your first impression. Your appearance should convey your seriousness about the interview. Some basics in grooming tips will help you.

a.       Well Groomed Hair

b.      Well Pressed Shirt

c.       Polished Shoes

  •  Researching the company in advance can be very helpful.  You should get to know as much as you can about the company.  Website of the company can help you in this matter.  If you have some kind of reference, have a friendly chat with him/her about the company.
  • You should arrive early almost 5 minutes. Professional people do not have enough to wait for you to come. It demonstrates disrespect. In these five minutes, get yourself comfortable in the new environment.
  • Keep your mobile phone switched off or make it silent. During interview if your cell rings, it depicts a very non-serious and careless attitude. This shows call is more important for you then this interview.
  • Speak out your thoughts as clearly as you can.  Use simple words for the expression of ideas. Do not get involved in complex matters.  Do not diverge too much from the question.
  • Be honest with your answers and thoughts. Do not try to predict yourself. Just BE YOURSELF. Do not lie to the interviewer. It can spoil your image and and the complete interview.
  • Be polite while communicating. Keep yourself calm and relax. Nervousness can take you to low confidence and confusion. What you don’t know, clear state that  Sir Or Madam i an sorry that i am not aware of what you have asked and if you know it then you could share it with me as well.
  • When enter in a room, so not sit until the interview asks you as it appear to be against the ethics. Seek for the permission and then sit. While dragging the chair do not make it sound as it may irritate the interviewer and you spoil his mood.  Sit at an appropriate distance. Do not sit so close neither so far that it becomes difficult for you and interviewer to communicate.
  • Try to avoid being argumentative with the interviewer.  If you are not agreeing with something the Interviewer has said, do not reject it as unacceptable. 
  • As the interview ends, greet the interviewer with the thank you and goodbye note and wish him/her with the greetings. This can show your concern about the value of his time.
  • Relate with the people. Relationship building is vital. Right from the receptionist to the last person you meet, connect to them. You should offer a firm handshake to the interviewer when arriving and departing the interview place. and now we hope that all these Basic Interview Tips for Freshers in Pakistan would help you in wining the job you have applied for.

“Good luck with your interview.”

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