Generation Gap Essay in English

Generation Gap usually refers to the difference between the attitudes of people of different generations regarding belief, outlook, politics, values or taste. It leads to lack of understanding. Do you know what the actual meaning of the generation gap is?  Well for knowing about the real meaning of generation gap, this post will be coming across as much information for you. As per according to the definition, the generation gap is basically known as the age gap differences between the old people and the young age of boys and girls. (Generation Gap Essay in English for Class 11, 12).

Generation Gap Essay in English For Class 11, 12

Generation Gap Essay in English For Class 11, 12

As we all know that the individuals in the young category of the boys and girls are not much talented and hence they are inexperienced, rash and so as impatient as in comparison with the wisdom and caution an old generation of the old age people had.  This generation gap is not merely taken to be new phenomena. It has been existing since the time of the immemorial.

The people who have been part of the older generation, they do always wonder out as to what actually has gone wrong with their new generation. They do feel that during their time the young generation of the boys and girls used to behave in a better way and that too on the obedient terms.  They do use to have a greater sense of respect for the elders. But in this new era of the generation, they are lacking much with this respect and obedience nature.

This lack of the respect as for the old generation will eventually be bringing to spell away from the disaster of the young generation. On the other side of the story, young generation does have a conception in mind that they do feel that they are capable enough to learn on their own rather than lean heavily on the older generation for any guidance.  They do not like being spoon fed by their elders.

It would not be wrong to bring out the fact that the gap between the old and the new generations is widening with every single day as due to so many of the reasons.

  • Young people thinks that the present system of the school has been attached with the little relevance of the realities of life. It is not at all job oriented for them. They feel highly disillusioned.
  • The second reason of them all is that life is getting so busy that the parents are not finding the suitable time frame to devote it to their kids. In this way, the overall efforts as in promoting the intimacy and understanding between the old and the young are lacking.

Do you think the generation gap issue can ever be resolved?

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This is the Generation Gap Essay in English For Class 11 and Generation Gap Essay in English For Class 12. Students of 1st year and second year who are looking for the Generation Gap Essay in English for class 10 or Class 12 or for any class can use this essay to prepare their exam, assignment or test.

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