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Essay How Can We Make Pakistan Strong And Stable Country in English

Our today topic is about “Essay How Can We Make Pakistan Strong And Stable Country in English”. Muslims of subcontinent got a separate homeland after several hardships. This country is Pakistan. Allah has blessed this country with many things. Pakistan is an underdeveloped country with thousands of natural resources and fertile land. Pakistan’s economy is declining day by day. And the country is destabilizing and going to be weak. To make our country strong and self-sufficient first of all make all the possible resources in their use. Expand the cultivation of crops, using natural resources in the right manner, preparing raw materials for their country which are used in industry. Avoid importing things. Increase the export of the country. Pakistan is very famous for its fertile land. The government should pay a subsidy to farmers. Farmers are the real wealth of the country. But our farmers are neglected. No proper attention is taken to mineral resources.

We should adopt proper methods of farming and cultivation. Give the farmers different opportunities. We can increase our economy by the export of crops, raw crops, fruits, cereals, vegetables, medicines and sports accessories. Pakistan is the bigger manufacturer of medicine, sports accessories, and fabric. Pakistan is underdeveloped country. If the economy of the country will strong, then that country will be able to stand in the row of a developed country.

How Can We Make Pakistan Strong And Stable Country

Youth is the building block of the country. Stronger the youth, the more stable and developed the nation is. The role of youth in How Can We Make Pakistan Strong very important. Youth is the torch bearer for a nation.  The government of the country should cater the needs of the youth provide them education, basic facilities, health, employment, and opportunity to show their talent. If the youth is not in the right direction then it deteriorates the society. The must get a proper education. Serve the country in their respective fields. Youth should have ample opportunities for employment.  Pakistan has a big population of youth. According to an estimated survey, 103 million or 63% population of the country lies below the age of 25 years. The male literacy rate is 53% and the female literacy rate is below 42%. 15% youth is unemployed. Our youth is lagging behind in every field of life. Education is the most important weapon of youth and everyone get success in their life through education. A country is stable when its youth is educated and employed.

Pakistan is the nuclear country. Some efforts on the youth make our country’s economy strong and stable. It is necessary to use natural resources wisely. Pakistan came into being on the base of Islamic ideology. Islam teaches us the religion of peace, unity, and harmony. If we follow QURAN and SUNNAH in every aspect of life, we will stand as a strong and stable nation.

Here we end our today topic that is “Essay How Can We Make Pakistan Strong And Stable Country in English” let us know about your thoughts and views in the comment section below.

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