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Most Important Forest in Pakistan

Pakistan is a blessed country in every respect. But less than 4% of the area of Pakistan is covered with forest. So many agencies and forests departments are working on the progress and growth of forests in Pakistan. There are many Most Important Forest in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is also taking best measures to bring awareness regarding the importance of forests and reforestation in Pakistan. Forests play a vital role in the progress of a country as it is the good source of wood, energy, raw material etc. We should also try to promote plantation in Pakistan. Here below we are going to discuss most important forests of Pakistan. In this article, you will learn about the Important forest in Pakistan. These are the Beautiful places in Pakistan too.

Most Important Forest in Pakistan

Most Important Forest in Pakistan

  • Littoral and Swamp Forest
  • Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests
  • Tropical Thorn Forests
  • Sub-Tropical Broad-Leaved Even Green Forests
  • Sub-Tropical Pine Forests
  • Himalayan Moist Temperate Forests
  • Himalayan Dry Temperate Forests
  • Sub Alpine Forests
  • Alpine Scrub

Littoral and Swamp Forests:

Littoral and Swamp Forests are called the Wet Land Forests and the Flooded Forests. These usually occur or grow around freshwater lakes and near lower reaches of the river. According to the latest research, the Littoral and Swamp Forests are spread in the area of 207,000 ha. These are the low average height forests of only 3 to 6m high. The typical species found in the soil of littoral and swamp forests are Eleusine, Panicum, Saccharum spp, and Cenchrus etc. The soil is moist all time below the surface of these forests but not usually saline.

Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests:

This type of forests do not exist extensively in Pakistan but some of the areas of Rawalpindi foothills merges on typical dry deciduous forests. These forests are low or moderate height and it may appear completely dense in short rainy season. The common species found is Salamalia, Lannea, Mallotus, Acacia Catechu etc and shrubs include Gymnosporia, Carissa, Adhatoda, Indigofera.

Tropical Thorn Forests:

The Tropical Thorn Forest is subjugated by xerophytic scrubs. These forests are widely spread on the Punjab plains and also cover the small areas of Western Baluchistan and Southern Sindh. The major tree species are Zizyphus, Prosopis, Capparis, Tamarix, and Aslvadora etc. Edaphically it is richly connected with the degree of salinity, Shallowness and over rock etc.

Sub-Tropical Broad-Leaved Even Green Forests:

Sub-Tropical Broad-leaved forests are rich in xerophytic thorny small leave the even green forest in Pakistan. These forests are spread on the foothills and the lower slopes of the Himalayas, the Salt Range, Suliman Range and the Kalachitta.

Sub-Tropical Pine Forests:

Sub-Tropical Pine Forests are the most popular forests in Pakistan. These are large sub-tropical forests spreads in the area of 76,200Km2. These forests assert a beautiful view of nature.

Himalayan Moist Temperate Forests:

These are evergreen forest consisting of conifers. It consists of both evergreen and deciduous species. The undergrowth is rarely dense in these forests. These forests are usually found in the lower reaches of Himalaya Hindukush, and Sulaiman Ranges between 600-1700m above sea level.

Himalayan Dry Temperate Forests:

Dry Temperate Forests also grow at the same altitude but receive low or no summer rainfall. Chilghoza Pine and Juniper are the major growth in the dry temperate forests.

Sub-Alpine Forests:

These Sub-Alpine Forests are the evergreen conifers forests present throughout Himalaya from about 3350 m to timber limit. The common species are Abies and Betula in Sub-Alpine Forests.

Alpine Scrub:

At this zone of Forests, there is a limited number of species exist. These forests include shrub formation 1m to 2m height extending to 150m or sometimes more than the sub-alpine forests. Alpine are present in Kashmir, Hazara and Upper DIR about 1100 ft altitudes of above.

These are the Most Important Forest in Pakistan which are playing vital rule. Forest are one of the major source for the development of country as they provides source of energy like wood etc. They also help the land during flood and other natural disasters.