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Coal Resources in Pakistan

Coal is one of the major sources of energy. Pakistan is rich in coal resources, there are a number of coal reserves, particularly in Sindh and Baluchistan. The quality of this coal found in Pakistan is low and considered as lignite but sub-bituminous coal. It is a low-grade coal with high moisture and low carbon but is still used for several purposes and power generation. We are going to tell you about some notable coal mines in Pakistan which are mainly responsible for coal production in Pakistan. Approximately 185 billion metric tons of coal have been estimated to be present there. Our coal industry is the backbone of the local economy. As it is generating high revenue. Almost eighty percent or more of the local workforce is directly involved in the coal industry. Private individuals, rather than large corporations, are the coal industry’s owners. Below you can find the complete detailed information regarding coal resources in Pakistan. Some of the major and notable coal resources in Pakistan are listed below.

  • Thar Coal Mines
  • Dukki Coal Mines
  • Lakhra Coal Mines
  • Sor Range Coal Field
  • Kheura Coal Mines
  • Chmanlang Coal Mines

Coal Resources in Pakistan

Pakistani land is filled with different resources and the main major resource is Coal. Further, how many coal mines, and names are listed below and you can read more info.

Thar Coal Mines

Thar Coal Mines is the largest coal mine in Pakistan. It is situated in the Thar Desert in the Southeastern part of Sindh Province. It spreads over an area of 9000 km square. It is producing around 175 billion tons of coal and is considered Pakistan’s largest coal deposit. It has been speculated that the Tharparkar region of Sindh contains enormous reserves.

Dukki Coal Mines

Dukki can be found in Loralai, Balochistan. It’s the largest coal mine in Pakistan, producing the highest quality coal. It produces bituminous coal which is used for several domestic purposes like cooking and heating. It is one of the major sources of employment for the people of Dukki. Eighty percent or more of the local workforce is directly involved in the coal industry. Private individuals, rather than large corporations, are the coal industry’s owners.

In Dukki Tehsil, many Petti Tekaddars are employed. Coal agents serve as intermediaries in the transport of coal. At least 3000 tons of coal is transported to the state of Punjab. Most of the coal goes to factories producing textiles, cement, and bricks. The width of the coal seams varies from six inches to nine feet.

One thousand coal mines provide daily revenue of Rs. 50 million. Regarding private mining in Pakistan, Duki is where it’s at. More than half of the workforce is Afghani.

Coal Resources in Pakistan

Lakhra Coal Mines

Lakhra coal mines are situated near the town of Lakhra in the area of Sindh province. It is considered one of the largest coal mines in Pakistan. The major coal extracted from lakh is used for power generation and other several industrial purposes. In order to transport coal lakhra mine is connected to roads and railway networks which is very helpful for transporting coal to different destinations.

Sor Range Coalfield

Sor Range Coal Field is also one of the major sources of coal in Pakistan. It is located in Baluchistan near Quetta district. The coal extracted from the Sor Range Coal field is used for power generation and the production of cement. Heavy machinery and new technology are used for the extraction and refining of coal.

Kheura Coal Mines

The Musakhel District’s Khora Kingri sub-Tehsil borders Punjab Province to the west. In the early 1980s, coal mining began, but it was eventually halted due to poor road conditions. Under President Musharraf, the roads between Fort Minro and Kingri were upgraded. Streams from both Chamalang and Duki can be found in this region. These regions are rich in coal, mining is a viable economic option. Now there are almost fifty mines in the area. Coal and charcoal are abundant to a depth of 30 feet in Aram, Kingri.

Chamalang Coal Mines

Chamalang coal mines are also one of the coal resources in Pakistan. It is situated near Dukki district in Baluchistan Province. The coal of this mine is considered high-quality coal in Pakistan. However, due to some major challenges, it is not fully recognized. It is known for its significant coal reserves.

Complete details about Coal Resources in Pakistan are now listed for just user information. Moreover, from time to time we will update this info and add some more facts regarding Coal.

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