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Pakistan National Flower, Animal and Bird

Pakistan being an independent state has its own several and unique national symbols which demonstrate the national uniqueness. The symbols are either being associated due to any significant historical Places event or occasion or for any other critical importance of that particular element in that country. The oldest national symbol for Pakistan is Minar-e-Pakistan which is a building which as associated as the national building as monument on the 23rd March, 1940 due to the observance of the Pakistan resolution.

National Flower of Pakistan

Pakistan National Flower jasmine

Pakistan has other national symbols, too apart from its national flag, national anthem and the national building. Pakistan does have the national flower as well. The national flower of Pakistan is Flower of Jasmine which is also known as Chambelli. Jasmine is a very unique and beautiful flower which demonstrates the uniqueness of the nature. The flower has the combination of Yellow and White colors which is one of the best and eye pleasing color combination in the flowers. The Jasmine flower has gleaming and shinny leaves and has pleasant and graceful fragrance as well. The flower grows in clusters and shrubs and the most preferred season is in summers, and for bets growth and grooming the flower need immense water, fertilizers and bright sunshine.

National Animal of Pakistan

Pakistan National Animal Markhor

Pakistan do also have the national animal, the selection of national animal is being based on the availability and uniqueness of the specific creature. The national animal of Pakistan is Markhor. The Markhor is very unique and endangered specie which is as beautiful as ever. The name of Markhor is being derived from two Persian words “Mar” which means Snake and “Khor” which means eating. This is very controversial name because generally Markhor are vegetarian so they don’t eat snake but this might be denoted as snake killer as they have hard feats and corkscrewing horns to do so.  Markhor are found in the Northern areas of Pakistan or huge hills and mountains.

National Bird of Pakistan

Pakistan National Bird chakor

National Bird of Pakistan is known as Chakor, which is a red-legged partridge. The bird Chakor belongs to a Pheasant family. Chakor is a beautiful bird commonly found in Pakistan which has ashy pink brown color with a comparatively larger white color chin and the throat which is boarded with dark black color. These color combinations makes the bird adorable and mighty attractive.  Chakor is called the non-migratory terrestrial species that makes the groups outside the season of breeding, and when needed the bird prefers to run on feet rather than flying which is a very distinguish feature of the respective bird.


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