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Top Pakistani Newspapers Urdu, English

In this world, newspaper holds great importance and significance and it’s the need of every person to get awareness related to national as well as international. Every country publishes many newspapers. In this article we will discuss important Pakistani newspapers. As we know that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan so many newspapers publish in Urdu language. Moreover, some important newspapers also publish in English and other languages. Many newspapers are owned by many media conglomerates like jang group, nawai waqt, dawn group and many more. All these groups founded before the Pakistani independence and created an incredible victory and success in the field of broadcast media and print media.

Top Pakistani Newspapers Urdu, English

Pakistani Newspapers

English newspapers:

The main and important English Pakistani newspapers are as follows:

  1. Daily Raaj Pakistan (founded in 2011).
  2. Raaj Pakistan international (founded in 2011).
  3. City crime investigator (founded in 2011).
  4. Business recorder (founded in 1965).
  5. Daily news (founded in 1962).
  6. News times Pakistan (founded in 2011).
  7. Dawn (founded in 1947).
  8. The financial daily.
  9. The Friday Times (founded in 1989).
  10. The Nation (founded in 1986).
  11. The News International (founded in 1991).
  12. The Post (founded in 2005).
  13. The Lahore Times.
  14. National Herald Tribune.

Urdu newspapers:

As compared to English newspapers, Urdu newspapers are getting rapidly popularity in Pakistan because many people read Urdu newspapers. The main and famous Urdu newspapers are as follows:

  1. Daily Raaj Pakistan (founded in 2011).
  2. Daily (founded in 2006).
  3. Naba Karachi (founded in 2006).
  4. Jung newspaper.
  5. Nawai waqt newspaper.
  6. Express newspaper.
  7. Asaas newspaper.
  8. Dunya newspaper.
  9. Mashriq newspaper.
  10. Aaj kal newspaper.
  11. Express newspaper.

Now we will discuss the regional language newspapers. There are many and famous regional newspapers but the most famous according to regions are as follows:

  1. Gujarati Newspapers:

The famous Gujarati newspapers are as follows:

  1. Saday Muslim newspaper.
  2. Millat newspaper.
  3. Vatan newspaper.
  1. Pashto Newspapers:

The famous Pashto newspaper is as follows:

  1. Wahdat newspaper.
  1. Punjabi Newspaper:

The famous and renowned newspaper is as follows:

  1. Khabraan newspaper.
  1. Sindhi Newspapers:

There are many famous Sindhi newspapers are as follows:

  1. Alakh newspaper.
  2. Awami awaz newspaper.
  3. Hilal-e-pakistan newspaper.
  4. Ibrat newspaper.
  5. Kawish newspaper.
  6. Khabroon newspaper.
  7. Koshish newspaper.
  8. Mehran newspaper.
  9. Sach newspaper.
  10. Safeer newspaper.
  11. Shaam newspaper.
  12. Daily tulou newspaper.
  13. Sindhu newspaper.
  14. Sobh newspaper.
  15. Tamer-e-sindh newspaper.
  16. Madar-e-watan newspaper.

On the whole after discussing Pakistani newspapers it is easy to conclude that these newspapers are getting rapidly popularity all over the Pakistan and every person whether a child or an adult person read these newspapers in order to get more and more awareness and knowledge related to national and international levels. Finally, more and more newspapers should be published in order to give person more knowledge and awareness and person should know that what type of activities are perform at national level as well  as international level.

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