Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

Speech on Allama Iqbal In English Or Essay on Allama Iqbal For Students and Professionals: He was in fact much more than a mere poet. He was a great scholar and philosopher. He was a political leader of great importance. But more than anything he was a Muslim who had great love for GOD and his PROPHET (PBUH).He wrote poetry to express the great and everlasting truth of philosophy, history and Islam. He wrote many Books of poetry to awaken the Muslims of the whole world from the deep sleep and all of the Allama Iqbal Books are still like by the people. He asked the Muslims of the whole world to unite.

Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

His entry into politics was greatly welcomed by the Muslims where a trustworthy companion of the Quaid-i-Azam was badly needed. Allama Iqbal proved a great political leader and a reliable companion of the Quaid-i-Azam. He awakened the Muslims of the subcontinent with his stirring verses to demand a separate homeland. He led the Muslims at every step. Iqbal considered Islam a complete of life. It is the consistent way to know about the Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

He said, I am fully convinced that the Muslims of India will ultimately have to establish a separate homeland as they cannot live with Hindus in the united India. He advice the Muslims to understand their real position and shed away their mental confusion and narrow approach to life. He clarified the glorious image of the Muslim ummah. Iqbal openly negated the concept of the one nation of India and emphasized on the separate and distinct national image of the Muslims.

He considered the establishment of Pakistan very essential and vital for the restoration of nation and religious identity of the muslins. His poetry reflects his love for the nation and country. He produced a large number of poems which indicate his immense love for his homeland. He said Islam guides the mankind in every aspect of worldly life and therefore must be enforced in an Islamic state as a code of life. He based the foundation of homeland on the religion which later on became the ideology and basis of Pakistan.

He did not believe in any system separated from religion and declared that religion and politics are not separated from each other in Islam. Allama Iqbal firmly believed in the separate identity of the Muslim as a nation. He declared, “India is a continent of human being belonging to different languages and professing different religions. It makes the reflective approach of Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

To bas a constitution on the conception of homogeneous India is to prepare her for civil war. I, therefore demand the formation of the consolidated Muslim state in the best interest of the Muslims of India and Islam. The formation of a consolidated north west Indian Muslim state appears to be the final density of the Muslims, at least of North West India.

In December, 1930 DR Iqbal was invited to president over the annual meeting of All India Muslim League at Allahabad. The Allahabad address of Allama Iqbal carries great importance and significance in the freedom struggle of the Muslims of India. The presidential address at Allahabad in fact, molded the destinies of the Muslims of the subcontinent and put their Endeavour’s in right direction. Narrative is best with the Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

Speech/Essay on Allama Iqbal Allama Iqbal presidential address further clarified the two nation theory. He said I have been a staunch advocate of putting an end to religions prejudices and distinctions from the country. But now i believe that the protection of separate national identity is in the best interests of both Hindus and Muslims. The In his address he openly opposed the idea of welding together of Hindus and Muslims into one nation.

The spirit which he infused in the Muslims by this address developed into an ideological basis for the Pakistan movement. He was on the delegation which represented the Muslims in the second and third round table conferences in 1931 and 1932. In these conferences he very ably advocated the Muslims cause and opposed all such schemes which in any way jeopardized the Muslims interests. It makes the satisfaction through Speech on Allama Iqbal In English

He declared that the move to apply one constitution to both the Hindus and Muslims would result in a civil war. He wanted to see the Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and the KPK, a single state for the Muslims, so that they should live according to the teaching of Islam. The Muslims soon realized the importance of the demand for two separate states. It was the first occasion when a demand for separate homeland was made from Muslim League platform. The Lahore Resolution passed in 1940 was in fact based on this historical address of Allama Iqbal.

Allama Iqbal was passed away in 21 April 1938. He buried beside the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. The nation pays glorious tribute to him every year.


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