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Youm E Takbeer Speech And History In English

Today, my agenda is to present Youm E Takbeer history through Youm E Takbeer Speech. Youm e takbeer is known as the day of greatness. It is celebrated as a national day of Pakistan. On 28 May 1998, the prime minister of Pakistan “Nawaz Sharif” in response to Indian five atomic explosions, Pakistan fire six atomic explosions. After such decision, Pakistan was the seventh atomic power of the word. Immortal power of defense for the Muslim state was focused on the revival of Muslim Ummah. The trigger of nukes by the Pakistan scientist on May 28, 1998, was the day when Pakistan becomes a first nuclear Islamic state. The overall ranking in nuclear technology lists it as a 7th country. After that day invincible power is achieved by Pakistan specifically in Muslim World.

The whole Islamic world praises the step of Pakistan. The primary weapon for the Muslim defense was prepared at that time. I cannot see such productive approach of any Islamic state that was achieved by Pakistan at that time. Professor Abdul Salam working on nuclear reactor during the ruling period of Ayub Khan was remarkable.

Youm E Takbeer Speech In English

Youm E Takbeer speechThe whole struggle forwarded as the second step during the era of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto and Munir Ahmad Khan as the first nuclear reactor of Pakistan. It was unfortunate to include in my speech that all struggles of BNFL and CEA stopped because US secretary resists it. The influence of India has many unfortunate events for Pakistan. In 1974 the BNFL canceled all projects because it has the pressure of India. The Second part CEA also lose interest after the pressure from US secretary.


Youm E Takbeer History

Other western authorities were involved in putting pressure. After two years of such closed projects debates, in 1976, PAEC make another agreement with France to consider Chashma for nuclear projects. Again, US was not happy with such nuclear development in Pakistan, and all projects were shut down in 1978. The British BNFL and PAEC joined an agenda to consider again projects of 1974.

In 1980 Pakistan got fully operational Nuclear Plant  now whole nation can live in Pakistan without any external threat. The whole world was astonished to know from Zia-ul-Haq that Pakistan has nukes. It was a nightmare for Indians. Let’s turns another chapter of history named as nukes cold test in 1983. Pakistan became a nuclear power in March 1983 after the successful results of the cold test. The nuclear power country title was achieved after such cold tests as Pakistani scientists explained.

Youm E Takbeer History In English

Youm E Takbeer speech

The result of 11th May 1998 and 13th May 1998 nukes fire test was not good for the region. India did so because it wants to get the title of the more powerful state as compared to Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan of that time, Nawaz sharif in response fire 6 nukes to balance the strength in the same region.



Youm E Takbeer speechThe C-130 plane under the protection of F-16 from the Chaklala Airport landed on Quetta and all such material transported to the Chaghi. One should mention in speech that Koh-e-Kamran was chosen for the test on 3:17 PM in afternoon. There was huge western pressure on Pakistan to stop such experiment but the loyal scientist and Pakistani govt go ahead with the decision taken.

Finally I would like to conclude Youm E Takbeer speech

In the end, I would like to conclude that now day enemies of Pakistan are working around the clock, but unfortunately, it cannot happen with the strength gained by Youm E Takbeer On 28 May. The only way is to get the success in the Muslim world by exploring new technical ways to protect it from outside world.

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Now the whole Muslim world is waiting for the Muslim Union. It is only possible by sharing technology and resources. My purpose of Youm E Takbeer speech is to recall contributions of this day. The new generation will remind the Youm E Takbeer history in English delivered here. Any suggestion about the speech can be provided in the comment.

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