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Nursing Colleges In Pakistan

We have here the Collection Of Nursing Colleges In Pakistan and Pakistan Nursing Colleges at the Top which provide the same Nursing education as in Foreign Countries. In Comparison Nursing Colleges In Pakistan. Nursing Colleges And Nursing scope In Pakistan is high therefore Nursing Institutions In Pakistan are in Competition to provide the best relevant knowledge Of Nursing. Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life from conception to death. Nurses work(In Pakistan) in a large variety of specialties where they work independently and as part of a team to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care. Nursing Science is a field of knowledge based on the contributions of nursing scientists through peer-reviewed scholarly journals and evidenced-based practice.

Nursing Colleges In Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has opened Nursing colleges in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. Now, students can take the name of the nursing college mentioned below.

Nursing Colleges in Pakistan

Nursing College in Punjab

Many of the colleges working in Punjab give knowledge to the nurses that are working in government hospitals.  Further, the name of all colleges is mentioned below.

Sr# Name of the Institution
1. DHQ Hospital, Bahawal Nagar
2. B.V. Hospital, Bahawal Pur
3. Phns Hospital, Bahawal Pur
4. DHQ Hospital, Chakwal
5. DHQ Hosptial, D.G.Khan
6. Aziz Fatima Trust Hospital, Faisalabad
7. DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad
8. Mian Muhammd Trust Hospital, Faisalabad
9. National Hospital, Faisalabad
10. Public Health School, Faisalabad
11. Punjab Medical College / Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
12. St. Rafeel’S Hospital, Faisalabad
13. Allama Iqbal Memorial Hospital, Gujranwala
14. DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala
15. Rafiq Anwar Memorial Hospital, Gujranwala
16. Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital, Gujrat
17. DHQ Hospital, Hafizabad
18. College Of Nursing, Islamabad
19. Federal Government Services Hospital, Islamabad
20. DHQ Hospital, Jhang
21. DHQ Hospital, Jhelum
22. DHQ Hospital, Joharabad
23. DHQ Hospital, Kasur
24. Combined Military Hospital, Kharian
25. Allama Iqbal Medical College / Jinnah Hospital, Lahore
26. Combined Military Hospital, Lahore
27. Fatima Jinnah Medical College for Women / Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore
28. Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore
29. Ittefaq Trust Hospital, Lahore
30. King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital, Lahore
31. Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore
32. Lady Willington Hospital, Lahore
33. Postgraduate Medical Institute/Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
34. Public Health Nursing School, Lahore
35. Services Hospital, Lahore
36. Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute / Hospital, Lahore
37. The Children’s Hospital & the Institute of Child Health, Lahore
38. DHQ Hospital, Layyah
39. DHQ Hospital, Lodhran
40. DHQ Hospital, Mandi Baha-Ud-Din
41. DHQ Hospital, Mianwali
42. DHQ Hospital, Mir Pur (Ajk)
43. Combined Military Hospital, Multan
44. Nishtar Medical College / Nishter Hospital, Multan
45. Women’s Christian Hospital, Multan
46. DHQ Hospital, Muzafargarh
47. DHQ Hospital, Okara
48. Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan
49. DHQ Hospital, Rajanpur
50. Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi
51. District Headquarters Hospital, Rawalpindi
52. Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi
53. Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi
54. Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi
55. DHQ Hospital, Sahiwal
56. Nancy Fulwood Hospital, Sahiwal

Nursing College in Sindh

Now, people can check the nursing colleges in Karachi. Further, Sindh Nursing Colleges are very much caring in Providing Quality Education For future Medical Persons. Nursing Colleges In Sindh are given below which are at the top in Providing medicated Knowledge in the best way.

Sr# Name of the Institution
1. Aga Khan M & C Care Centre, Hyderabad
2. CDF Hospital, Hyderabad
3. Isra University/Hospital, Hyderabad
4. Liaquat University Of Medical and Health Sciences, Hyderabad
5. Public Health School, Hyderabad
6. Sir Cj Hyderabad, Hyderabad
7. St. Elizbeth Hospital, Hyderabad
8. Wali Bhai Rajputana Hospital, Hyderabad
9. Civil Hospital, Jaccobabad
10. Aga Khan Mat. Home,  Garden Kyc, Karachi
11. Aga Khan Mat. Home, Kaharadar, Karachi
12. Aga Khan Mat. Home, Karim Abad, Karachi
13. Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training Institute, Karachi
14. Murshid Hospital, Karachi
15. P.N. Shifa, Karachi
16. People Medical College Hospital, Karachi
17. Aga Khan University , Karachi
18. Atiya School Of Midwifery, Karachi
19. Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training Institute, Karachi
20. Baqai Medical University/Hospital, Karachi
21. Civil Hospital, Karachi
22. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi
23. Holy Family Hospital, Karachi
24. Ilmiya Institute Of Nursing, Karachi
25. Islamic Mission Hospital, Karachi
26. Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre/Hospital, Karachi
27. Karachi Adventist Hospital , Karachi
28. Karachi King’s SON, Karachi
29. Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi
30. Liaquat National Hospital , Karachi
31. Medicare Hospital, Karachi
32. National Institute Of Child Health, Karachi
33. National Medical Centre, Karachi
34. New Life School Of Nursing, Karachi
35. Public Health School, Karachi
36. Rufaida Hamdard University Hospital, Karachi
37. SIUT, Karachi
38. Sobhraj Mat. Home KMC, Karachi
39. SON Life Saving, Karachi
40. SON Patel Hospital, Karachi
41. St. James Hospital, Karachi
42. Unique School Of Nursing, Karachi
43. Civil Hospital, Khair Pur
44. SON Sachal Sarmast, Khair Pur
45. Chandka Medical College / Dhq Hospital, Larkana
46. Civil Hospital, Mir Pur Khas
47. St. Teresa’S Hospital, Mir Pur Khas
48. Nawab Shah Medical College for Women, Nawab Shah
49. Civil Hospital, Sanghar
50. R.B.U.T., Shikar Pur
51. Civil Hospital, Sukkur
52. Civil Hospital, Thatta

Nursing College in Balochistan

Balochistan is also a province of Pakistan and the scope of the nursing field is so bright in Pakistan that is the reason that After Punjab, Sindh this province Balochistan has also started focusing on this department as there are just 3 to4 colleges there that offer nursing courses to the students but now look at the list of the Nursing Colleges in Baluchistan that are totally controlled by the PNC.

Sr# Name of the Institution
1. School Of Midwifery, Khuzdar
2. School Of Nursing, Loralai
3. Bolan Medical College / Bolan Hospital, Quetta
4. Christian Hospital, Quetta
5. Combined Military Hospital, Quetta
6. Lady Dufferin Hospital, Quetta
7. Public Health School, Quetta
8. Som & Medical Technology, Quetta
9. DHQ Hosptial, Sibi
10 Public Health School, Turbat

Nursing College in KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also climbing the stairs of success day by day so how it can be possible that it could be not forward in the field of Education? Well, the nursing future scope is not hidden from the persons but when the Pakistan Nursing Council decided to set a standard for all the nursing colleges the quality of education is more increased and moved towards betterment as the Pakistan Nursing Council is the only responsible authority to control all the nursing colleges.

Sr# Name of the Institution
1. Public Health School, Abbottabad
2. Ayub Medical College / Ayub Hospital, Abbottabad
3. DHQ Hospital, Abbottabad
4. DHQ Hospital, Bannu
5. Mufti Memorial Hospital, D.I. Khan
6. Public Health School, D.I. Khan
7. Liaquat Memorial Hospital (DHQ), Kohat
8. Mardan Medical Complex, Mardan
9. Farkhunda SON, Peshawar
10. Fatima Jinnah PHNS, Peshawar
11. Hyatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar
12. Khyber Medical College / Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar
13. Postgraduate Medical Institute Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
14. Public Health School, Peshawar
15. Public Health School, Peshawar
16. Saidu Group Hospital, Swat

This is the complete list of Nursing Colleges In Pakistan that cover all four provinces of Pakistan so have a look for any of your queries write to our response department simply by commenting down there on this page and you will get a response to your query within a few minutes.


  1. i think the best nursing scohol is Jefferson in Philadelphia. it’s a 2-year program though, but they have you working in labs and hospitals within the first few weeks of classes, unlike other nursing programs where you are stuck in the classroom for a couple years (depending) before you get any hands-on of pennsylvania is also amazing. at everything. but particularly because they are associated with CHOP (children’s hospital of philadelphia), the best children’s hospital in America.


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