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Girls Colleges In Lahore

A complete list of Girls Colleges In Lahore is available on this page as Girls’ education is an important point of differentiation among many societies. Many societies focus on education is considered as the most developing societies in the whole world. A great man says that educated women can lead us to an educated society because the first educational institute of every child is her mother which is a woman. Girls College/Universities In Lahore, Pakistan are well aware of the need for Education regarding the Girl’s education.  Girls play the same role in the development of the country as men played because education does not care that the seeker is a girl or a boy. Our religion Islam also focuses on girls’ education as Girls education. Education is the need of the modern world so if you want to be the world then education is very necessary. Does everyone have the right to be educated to why don’t girls? They also have the right to get an education. Colleges In Lahore are listed below as the most important in educating the women in our society.

Girls Colleges In Lahore

Many of the Girl’s colleges in Lahore are available and girls who are interested in the study now can apply for admission while all colleges who are working in Lahore are mention below.

Girls Colleges In Lahore

  • APWA College for Women
  • Queen Mary College
  • Islamia College for Girls
  • Kinnard College for Women
  • Gulberg College for Women
  • Lahore College for Women University
  • Mughal Pura Degree College
  • Quaid-e-Azam College of Commerce for Girls
  • Quaid-e-Azam College of Science for Girls
  • Queens Degree College
  • Lead College for Girls
  • Modern College for Girls
  • Nisa Girls College
  • Wapda Town Girls College
  • Model Town girls College
  • Samanabad Girls College
  • Kips Girls College Campus
  • Standard College for Girls
  • Government Degree college Samanabad for Girls
  • Himayat Islam Khawateen College Garden Town

These are the Girls Colleges In Lahore complete list for all those parents who do not like co-education but wanted to teach their girls can take admission of their child in these girls colleges as these colleges are just for girls. Lahore is considered to be a city of Colleges so there are many colleges that are just built to provide education to just girls and above the given list of girls Colleges is a complete list in Lahore.


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  2. hi! i m asma ..and i m in class 9 ..and i wish i aslo take admission in any lahore colage ….so can u tell me tht which collage is best for me 🙂


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