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Private Medical Colleges In Punjab For MBBS List

Private Medical Colleges In Punjab For MBBS List

Here is the complete Private Medical Colleges In Punjab For MBBS List in Pakistan. There is a huge number of medical students who passed their F.Sc in Pre-Engineering and wish to take admission in medical colleges but the maximum of them could not do so because of the merit and a limited number of seats in public medical colleges. The reason for that is there is a shortage of doctors in Pakistan and hundreds of students go to some other country to fulfill their wish to be a doctor. PMDC is a firm deciding the rules and regulations for the medical colleges in Pakistan so now due to this reason the government of Pakistan is appreciating private medical colleges in Pakistan.

If we look around in the world than we come to know that the top institutions of the world are private including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Yale, Mayo, and many others so if the Government of Pakistan with the help of PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) make some standard for the private medical colleges and put an eye on every institution than it will be a good step for Pakistan.

Private Medical Colleges In Punjab For MBBS List

Top medical colleges for MBBS in Pakistan are mention on this page and those people who are confused now can check the medical college’s lists.

Private Medical Colleges In Punjab For MBBS List

  • FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore Recognized
  • Foundation University Medical College, Rawalpindi
  • Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi.
  • Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore
  • Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad
  • Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt
  • University Medical College, Faisalabad
  • University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore
  • CMH Lahore Medical College, Lahore
  • Islamabad Medical & Dental College, Islamabad
  • Independent Medical College, Faisalabad. Recognized
  • Sharif Medical & Dental College, Lahore
  • Continental Medical College, Lahore
  • Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College, Lahore
  • Central Parks Medical College, Lahore
  • Nawaz Shairf Medical College, Gujrat
  • Yusra Medical & Dental College,Islamabad
  • Shalamar Medical & Dental College, Lahore
  • Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad.
  • Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore
  • Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental College, Lahore
  • Multan Medical & Dental College, Multan
  • Islam Medical College, Sialkot
  • Hashmat Medical & Dental College, Gujrat
  • Aziz Fatima Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad
  • Azra Naheed Medical College, Lahore
  • Al-Nafees Medical College, Islamabad
  • Sahara Medical College, Narowal.
  • Sialkot Medical College, Sialkot.
  • HBS Medical & Dental College, Islamabad.
  • Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental College, Multan.
  • Rai Medical College, Sargodha.

This is the complete list of Private Medical Colleges In Punjab For MBBS List which is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). So before taking admission to the any University of College that offer MBBS do one thing that checks either these medial or dental colleges are approved by the PMDC or not because if it is not approved then at the end of your semester your whole degree is just a piece of paper and nothing else.


  1. Sir my mrks in metric r 928 and fsc r772 and uhs r 365 where shoulb I get admision and where is my admision possibl plzzzz guid….admision for mbbs

  2. in the given list of private medical colleges “Central Parks Medical College, Lahore” name written twice at 15th line (from top) and in 2nd line (from bottom)


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