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Nursing Colleges In Sindh

Sindh nursing Colleges are very much caring in Providing the Quality Education For future Medical Persons. Nursing Colleges In Sindh are given below which is at the top in Providing the medicated Knowledge in the best way. Nursing Colleges In Sindh, in this respect Aga khan at the Top and Civil Hospital Thatta at the end in ranking row. This raking is set by the authoritative person so they better know the criteria on which they put an institute on the top of the ranking or at the bottom of the ranking. But the fact is Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and till now there are many students who are graduates from the nursing colleges of Sindh. Being the biggest city of the Pakistan quality of education is being maintained by the officials as in such huge populated areas there are many students who will enlighten the name of our nation, Country in the world So Sindh Government have never compromises on the education. There are large number of Nursing Colleges in Pakistan. Here are some selected Nursing Colleges in Sindh so that if you want to take admission in the nursing course and want to study in Sindh then you have a complete list from where you can decide your institution among many. So there is the list have  a look down there.

Nursing Colleges In Sindh

Nursing Colleges In Sindh


Sr# Name of the Institution
1. Aga Khan M & C Care Centre, Hyderabad
2. CDF Hospital , Hyderabad
3. Isra University/Hospital, Hyderabad
4. Liaquat University Of Medical and Health Sciences, Hyderabad
5. Public Health School , Hyderabad
6. Sir Cj Hyderabad, Hyderabad
7. St. Elizbeth Hospital, Hyderabad
8. Wali Bhai Rajputana Hospital , Hyderabad
9. Civil Hospital, Jaccobabad
10. Aga Khan Mat. Home,  Garden Kyc, Karachi
11. Aga Khan Mat. Home, Kaharadar, Karachi
12. Aga Khan Mat. Home, karimabad, Karachi
13. Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training Institute, Karachi
14. Murshid Hospital , Karachi
15. P.N. Shifa, Karachi
16. People Medical College Hospital , Karachi
17. Aga Khan University , Karachi
18. Atiya School Of Midwifery, Karachi
19. Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training Institute, Karachi
20. Baqai Medical University/Hospital, Karachi
21. Civil Hospital, Karachi
22. Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi
23. Holy Family Hospital , Karachi
24. Ilmiya Institute Of Nursing, Karachi
25. Islamic Mission Hospital, Karachi
26. Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre/Hospital, Karachi
27. Karachi Adventist Hospital , Karachi
28. Karachi King’s SON, Karachi
29. Lady Dufferin Hospital , Karachi
30. Liaquat National Hospital , Karachi
31. Medicare Hospital , Karachi
32. National Institute Of Child Health, Karachi
33. National Medical Centre, Karachi
34. New Life School Of Nursing, Karachi
35. Public Health School , Karachi
36. Rufaida Hamdard University Hospital , Karachi
37. SIUT, Karachi
38. Sobhraj Mat. Home KMC, Karachi
39. SON Life Saving, Karachi
40. SON Patel Hospital , Karachi
41. St. James Hospital , Karachi
42. Unique School Of Nursing, Karachi
43. Civil Hospital, Khair Pur
44. SON Sachal Sarmast, Khair Pur
45. Chandka Medical College / Dhq Hospital, Larkana
46. Civil Hospital, Mir Pur Khas
47. St. Teresa’S Hospital, Mir Pur Khas
48. Nawab Shah Medical College for Women, Nawab Shah
49. Civil Hospital, Sanghar
50. R.B.U.T., Shikar Pur
51. Civil Hospital, Sukkur
52. Civil Hospital, Thatta


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    sir, may i know about the Wali Bhai rajputana hospital? is this institute registered with pakistan nursing council?


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