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Mext Scholarship 2024 Deadline Pakistan

Now, everyone is seeking the Mext Scholarship 2024 Deadline in Pakistan. Moreover, the complete details regarding them are given below. MEXT actually Stands for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. It is a Study program launched and offered by the Japanese Government specifically to foreign students who are interested in studying in higher secondary education. The government only allows those students who after multiple verifications and trials are recommended by the Japanese Embassy, consultants, or some other higher authority. Further, other info about Scholarship 2024 Mext Deadline Pakistan is discussed on this page.

Mext Scholarship 2024

MEXT’s new Scholarship announced and candidates who are interested in getting an education in a foreign country now can check out this page. On the other hand, the last date for application submission is given below. Most importantly, they have issued the criteria for those candidates who are eligible for this scholarship.

Mext Scholarship 2023 Deadline Pakistan

Deadline Pakistan

The Mext Scholarship last date has yet not been issued by the administration as well if they announce the Mext fully funded Scholarship Deadline in Pakistan then we will share it with the students. Moreover, if they announce the last date we will share it with the audience.

  • Update Soon

Application Form 2024

Candidates who are interested in the Mext Scholarship now visit the official webpage of the Japan Embassy download the application form and fill in valid info. After submission, your info and documentation will be properly checked, and then the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Before apply must read the Mext Scholarship. Japan does not allow every student to get enrolled in any Japanese institution. It is mandatory for the students to fulfill certain eligibility parameters.


Applicants from the country which has diplomatic relations with Japan are always accepted. The residents of Japan with only Japanese Nationality are not accepted. In case the student had dual nationality of Japan as well as of another country, it is mandatory for them to choose the residence of another country while applying for the scholarship.


  • Applicants who have completed 12 years of education in a other country than Japan are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • A student who has completed their education equivalent to the upper secondary school education of Japan in other countries can also apply for the scholarship.

Age Restrictions:

Muxt Scholarship age restrictions have been imposed by the administration. Further, Individuals born after April 1998 can apply for the scholarship. The age is assumed to be exactly 18 or above 18, but students below 18 are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Physical Conditions:

Along with the application, it is mandatory for the students to submit a clearance certificate signed by the doctor which must clearly state that they have no physical or mental disorder and that they are completely healthy.

Visa Requirement:

A student must apply for a “Student Visa” at the Japanese mission located in their country of the region. They must also make sure that they choose the resident status to enter JAPAN as a student. However, once the time period of that visa and scholarship has finished, the student may not be allowed to get any kind of permanent residence or Visa in Japan.

Applications process:

The applicant has to simply open or visit the official website of MEXT. And apply online for their scholarship. They must attach all the required documents. In case they get shortlisted, they should then also arrange a hard copy of their form and attested documents and submit them to the nearby mission or embassy of Japan in their own country. they will be given the dates of written tests and then interviews as well and it is important to clear that test.

Required Documents:

  • Application form
  • Health Certificate
  • National Identity Card
  • Transcripts of all academic records of schooling
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Certificate of language proficiency
  • Certificate of University Qualification Exam

Programs in which scholarship is offered:

MEXT offers scholarships in the following disciplines:

It includes scholarship in the following disciplines.

  • Social Sciences and Humanities:

It further includes Law, Politics, pedagogy, Literature, History, Sociology, Japanese Language, economics, business administration, etc.

  • Natural Science:

It further includes Sciences such as Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Studies, Civil engineering, Chemical Studies, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmacy, dentistry, Hygienic Studies, Industrial Chemistry, Textile Engineering, etc.

All these disciplines are divided into major and minor subjects. The students would have to choose the subjects wisely, according to their own temperament and taste. They must not rush to choose any field but rather may choose it after proper working. Candidates who are interested now can apply for the Mext Scholarship 2024 because this is open right now.

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