English Grammar Tenses Exercises For Beginners

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Perfect Tense: The sub type of the major tenses includes the perfect tense which is very significant. This is because sometimes it is required that you should tell something more informative regarding the event so for that purpose perfect tenses are required. The perfect tenses are best applicable when the event or the situation in present is somehow linked to the incident or moment in the past. This also explains that what was happening in the past is no longer being observed in the present situation. Such tenses are used for the words like, often, for, always, since, etc.

Simple Tenses: The simple tense is also a sub type which is mainly used to portrait any permanent physiognomies or features. This is used for the events which are taken place regularly and is habitual to occur.

Continuous Tense: This is the specific tense which is time bounded. As continuous tense is only used when explaining or narrating any particular event or situation in time.

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