14 August Songs


Pakistani 14 August Azadi Songs. Muslims celebrates the 14 August Independence Day with full excitement of having the independent country. On 14 August normally Pakistanis  reminds the sacrifices the Muslims who contributed in the making of Pakistan. Pakistan independence day is on 14 August every year with the new activities and things specially created for independence day by the energetic Muslims. 14 August Songs are also the example of these kinds of activities on the special day of independence which is 14 August.

Quid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Stand Alone for the independence of Pakistan and on 14th August 1947 Hindu and British leave the way of Muslims and announce Pakistan as an Independent state where Muslims can live according to the rule and regulations of Allah Almighty. So from that day 14th August, 1947 Muslims of Pakistan celebrate this day with full excitement because this is independence for Muslims and we got our beloved nation Pakistan. Here are some collection of 14 August Azadi Songs that are collected from different sources just to provide you one platform where you can get all. So have a look down there as you will definitely like these.

Here are some Pakistani 14 August Azadi songs given here.

14 August Azadi Songs


14 August Songs

14 August Songs

14 August Songs

14 August Songs

14 August Songs

These 14 August Azadi Songs will show your patriotism about your country. So show your love to your country by playing these Azadi Songs on 14th August Independence Day of Pakistan. If you want any more songs to be listed here then you can write us here by commenting down and we will upload that song here within no time.

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