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What Can I Do After ICS Physics, Economics In Pakistan

What Can I Do After ICS Physics In Pakistan is the best question going to answer here on this page? The answer is not just simply because, after ICS physics, there are various fields to join. A career in physics leads to the metaphysical aspect agile field now a day. There are various fields including computer sciences and other engineering-physics majors. These majors are defined but still need some brainstorming to adopt that specific career. If a student in the right track then he must be acknowledged about the association between the ICS and physics. The fields which are agile in every aspect are telecom engineering, software engineering, computer engineering, and software engineering. The next thing which is focus of this article is What Can I Do After ICS Economics In Pakistan?

What Can I Do After ICS In Pakistan

These are agile fields, and the complete answer to the question asked at the start. It is the common question of those who really think about the future after being done with Intermediate In Computer Sciences. Computer engineering and telecom engineering software engineering are tough fields but outstanding fields as well. A person with the ICS physics cannot apply to pure engineering fields including electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. These are pure engineering fields and demand FSC pre-engineering as an eligibility criterion. The other options in front of students already done with ICS physics are similar to fields.

Professional Courses After 12th Class

What Can I Do After ICS Physics In Pakistan

  • Computer Engineering
  • Telecom Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • BS Space Sciences
  • BS Computational Physics
  • BS Mathematics
  • Arch
  • Computer System Engineering
  • Robotics, embedded systems
  • BS artificial intelligence
  • BS information technology
  • BS nanotechnology

It is up to the dedication of students who opted for a career after ICS economics that how they take the other fields after ICS economics. ILM.COM.PK suggest those students only to continue who already have ample knowledge about the determination of national income, and national income consumption. The concept of MPC, Knowledge of MPS investment, Aggregate demand knowledge, the study of aggregate supply, and Equilibrium Income studies. These above given degree titles are true solutions about what Can I Do After ICS Physics In Pakistan

What Can I Do After ICS Economics In Pakistan

What Can I Do After ICS Economics In Pakistan

  • BBA
  • BS Economics
  • CA
  • BS Mathematics

What Can I Do After ICS Economics In Pakistan

After discussing What Can I Do After ICS Physics, and Economics In Pakistan, I hope that many things are clear at the student level. These aspects and chunks of knowledge provide strength to the ICS economics concepts. Horizontal growth should keep in mind while opting for any subject after the specific degree or field. For example, BBA is a good field but lies under the vertical growth after ICS economics; BS economics is the direct field with a bonus point. Computer science knowledge is the bonus point, BS economics is the direct field, and finally, CA is the best option to rely on. Collectively we talk about What Can I Do After ICS Economics In Pakistan.

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