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DPT Scope And Salary in Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy is a bachelor-level five-year degree program that is being offered after F.SC pre-medical to students. It is the entry-level degree in Physical Therapy that is professionally recognized. This degree program consists of 5 years and 10 semesters and is equal to 17 years of education. After completion of this degree, it is compulsory to do one year of clinical internship for getting the degree. DPT Scope in Pakistan is very wide because it is a new degree in Pakistan. Likewise, DPT Salary in Pakistan is also not less than any other medical degree. It is also considered the alternative degree to MBBS and BDS. Most students who want to become doctors may not get admission to MBBS or BDS, They can become doctors by doing DPT in Pakistan. In this article, you will learn about the DPT Scope in Pakistan and salary.

DPT Scope And Salary in Pakistan

Students want to know about the DPT course becasue students unaware of this course. No doubt demand for DPT is much high but a majority of the students focus on MBBS and BDS. So, the info about DPT Scope and Salary in Pakistan is given below.

DPT Scope And Salary in Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy is a degree in physiotherapy in which students learn about the use of mechanical force and movement, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy to promote mobility functions. A person who completes this degree is known as a physical therapist or physiotherapist. DPT Scope And Salary in Pakistan are given in detail.

DPT Eligibility Criteria:

In order to take Admission to the DPT program, the student must have an F.Sc pre-medical or an equal program. It is compulsory to have at least 60% marks in order to take Admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy. Some universities also require an entry test which is compulsory to pass. Some universities also require NTS NAT-I for admission to DPT in Pakistan.

DPT Scope in Pakistan:

Currently, this field is less developed in Pakistan but still, Physiotherapist has a great scope in Pakistan. In government sectors especially in government hospitals, DPT degree holders are doing jobs in grade 17, which means after doing this degree you can become grade 17 officers in a hospital. There is also a great need for physiotherapists in the private sector because most people don’t like to visit government hospitals. A good physiotherapist can also join sports fields because sometimes athletes got injured during sports and need quick aid.

List of Colleges Offering DPT in Pakistan

DPT Salary in Pakistan:

Doctor of Physical therapy DPT Salary in Pakistan is different. The Starting Salary after practice in Pakistan is between 25,000 to 80,000 rupees. This salary may change according to the private and government sectors. Also, it may change according to the experience.  In the government sector, if you find a grade 17 job then your salary will be according to the grade 17 salary slab. So check DPT Scope And Salary in Pakistan.


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