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UET Merit Calculator 2022 Aggregate Formula

Nowadays, students who have recently cleared the interclass and now want to get admission to UET now seeking the UET Merit Calculator 2022 Aggregate Formula. This is the era of competition and everyone trying to get admission to a government institute. Because they are giving the education on low tariff as well as if we discuss the private institute admission that is too much high expense. UET University of Engineering and Technology is one of the best institutes in Lahore that are providing education to the students but all the candidates do not enroll without merit. Besides the criteria of merit is very high and everyone can not easily achieve it. Now people are looking at the UET Merit Calculator 2022 Aggregate Formula where they can check the merit. Under this formula, you can include the number of matric classes, inter-class, and entry tests then your Aggregate will show on your screen.

UET Merit Calculator 2022

Now we are going to mention in UET merit Calculator 2022 Aggregate Formula and students will follow all the instructions step by step and then their merit will show. The aggregate formula includes Matric, Intermediate, and ECAT marks and has different weightage. So have a look down and gather the UET ECAT Merit Calculator.

Matric Marks 25%
Inter Marks 45%
ECAT Entry Test MARKS 30%

UET Aggregate Formula 2022

Aggregate= Marks in SSC x 0.25 + Marks in HSSC x 0.45 + Marks in Entry Test x 0.30

We have already mentioned above the content of UET Aggregate Formula 2022 while students will take the 25 percent marks in matric, 45 Percent marks in inter-class, and 30 marks in ECAT entry test. Then you will put the formula and your aggregate merit will show.

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UET Merit Calculator 2022 Aggregate Formula


You can gather the UET Merit Calculator 2022 Aggregate Formula and then decide about admission. Moreover, when you will enter the formula and calculate then you will know whether your admission is possible or not. So if your admission is not possible then timely choose the other institute because if you will wait then waste the time. Follow all the steps and then your merit will appear through this formula. If you want to get admission to UET then take the highest marks in matric class and inter-class, as well as good marks, are necessary for the entry test.

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