First Ramadan In Pakistan 2020 With Sehr, Iftar Roza Time

Welcome, Ramadan!!! Searching for First Ramadan In Pakistan 2020 With Sehr, Iftar Roza Time? You have reached the accurate page to get knowledge about Ramadan 2020. Muslims the time has arrived when we make us depurate from our sin we have performed during the past year. The month of Ramadan is very near now and the first Ramadan in Pakistan 2020 is expected to start from 24th April and continue till May. This month is also known as the Month of Quran (The Muslim’s Holy Book). The first Ayat of Surah Al-Alaq was sent down on Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) this month and in the same month, Allah orders all Muslims for the Fasting. Allah Almighty also tells Muhammad (SAW) the way of Fast (Roza) that how a Muslims will perform it and what will the timing of Sehr and Iftar. Since that time Muslims every year in this Islamic Month, fast and offer special prayers with Namaz-e-Ishah called Tarawih. Down here on this page, the complete timing and date of Sehr and Iftar are given with all the cities. Scroll down to have a look at it.

First Ramadan In Pakistan 2020 With Sehr, Iftar Roza Time

During fast, Muslims stop eating, drinking and spent all day by rehears the name of Allah. God has onus Fast on all those Muslims who are physically and mentally fit but those cannot fast who are ill, traveler, menstruating, slave or pregnant. Otherwise, there is no relief for any Muslim that he or she leave even a fast during Ramadan.

First Ramadan In Pakistan 2020 With Sehr, Iftar Roza Time

1st Ramadan In Pakistan 2020

First Ramadan or 1st Roza (Fast) will be held on Friday 24th April 2020

First Ramadan Sehr Time Ends: 03:37 AM

First Ramadan Iftar Roza Time: 06:38 PM

Here, we have given the complete calendar of all the cities of Pakistan. Click on the city you want to check the calendar:

Ramadan 2020 in LahoreRamadan 2020 in KarachiRamadan 2020 in AJK
Ramadan 2020 in QuettaRamadan 2020 in Islamabad

First Ramadan In Pakistan 2020 


So Muslims, a few weeks are remaining at the start of Ramadan Kareem. So we all must make up our time table for 5 Namaz with Taravih in order to welcome this Islamic month in that way Allah oblige us and write our name in those will be sent to heaven. The complete schedule is given above. All the dates and times are not finalized yet because it depends upon the number of days in the Islamic Months. The expected dates are made as if there will be 30 days in all the months. So, this was all about the First Ramadan In Pakistan 2020 With Sehr, Iftar Roza Time. Hopefully, you have got all the points clear and will make preparations accordingly.


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