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Ramadan Benefits And Importance in English

Ramadan is the most peaceful, blissful, sacrifice, the Islamic month of Muslim calendar and called as the month of fasting. Like other Islamic months, it also begins with the appearance and end of the beautiful new moon and here today we are going to discuss some Ramadan Benefits And Importance in English. For Muslims Ramadan is the month to collectively offer prayer, introspection and the recitation of Holy Quran. If Muslims have pure and faithful intentions ALLAH forgives all their sins just because of fasting and prayers. It is actually the resistance from eating and drinking from Fajar to Maghrib and abstains from all kinds of bad deeds, sexual activity. In this article, you will find the benefits and importance of the most blissful month out of all Islamic months.

Ramadan Benefits And Importance in English

Ramadan Benefits And Importance in English

Abu Ayub narrated that: the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever fasts Ramadan, then follows it with six from Shawwal, then that is (equal in reward) to fasting every day.”

  • Incredible health benefits of fasting in Ramadan:

There are incredible benefits of Ramadan for the people who fast, and they wish to have this month throughout the year.

  • Harmony of the Heart and Mind.

There is a powerful harmony of the mind as fasting gives you spiritual peace. The Muslims do the practice of charity, self-control and family gathering at Iftar.All these habits self-satisfied the fasting person

  • Fasting Improves Blood Fat Levels by Fats Breakdown

According to the study in 1997, it is estimated that bad cholesterol level is lowered by 8% due to fasting, triglycerides by 30% and increase in HDL by 14.3 percent. Therefore fasting improves blood fat levels and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, the night prayers provide sufficient level of physical activity and this has more benefits than exercise.

  • Fasting Overcome your Addiction.

In normal months it is very difficult for addicts to abstain from their addictions. So fasting provides the best and self-restraint their addictions especially smoking.

Importance Of Ramadan in English:

Among Muslims this month has a major importance majorly for two reasons:

The book of endless guidance the Holy Quran was revealed upon our last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the month of Ramazan. Secondly, after the fasting of 30 days, ALLAH has arranged reward for Muslims who fast in the form of Eid-ul-Fitr.

  • Taqwa:

Throughout the month of Ramazan, Muslims fear and practice the messages of ALLAH. The ones who think that this world is temporary they do practice for the world hereafter. 

  • Protection

Protecting the spirit, the stupidity and haram things gives the protection to Muslims and gives them the best place in society as well.

  • As Quran was revealed in this Month this gives the guidance to mankind, do right practices and they cumulatively perform all practices
  • Doors for the hell are closed and for the heaven, all doors are opened. As well as devils are chained down in this Holy Month.
  • Al – Rayyan is the door of Paradise that is opened for the ones who fast during the month of Ramazan.
  • Lailatul Qadar the night of powers is the night full of benefits there are full chances for the forgiveness of mistakes in this night.

As the month of Ramadan is coming soon in May 2018, by practicing these Ramadan Benefits And Importance in English you can easily enjoy you’re this holy month!

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