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Highest Paying Jobs/Professions in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country in which finding a good job is not easy and the ones who are successful in getting good jobs are unable to retain them and that is why people are in search of jobs that are good in nature as well as financially strong because in the country where the inflation rate is so high people look for high paying jobs. Here are a few Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan which are considered to be the highest paying jobs in the state no matter the economic conditions of the country is weak and is unstable but still these Highest Paying Professions in Pakistan are paying sufficient amount to the employees which suit their criteria.

Highest Paying Jobs/Professions in Pakistan

After the metric class, everyone wants to prefer this course who give highest salary amount in future. So all those fields where salary amount is can check below. Aa well all courses available on Pakistan and many institutes are doing.

Highest Paying Jobs/Professions in Pakistan

1. Marketing and Brand Manager

Marketing is considered to be the most active field in the current situation of Pakistan, good marketing personnel are being paid high and are also hired quickly as their starting pay ranges from 20 to 52 thousand and after some tenure, it becomes 83,000 to 125,000.

2. Program and Project Management

Program and Project management has always been the need of the world and not only in Pakistan but in the entire world people having knowledge and expertise are being paid high amounts and for a longer time period. Fresh graduates will have the starting pay of Rs. 15,000 to 25,000 and after a few years of the service the candidate will be paid about 76,000 to 15,412 PKR

3.  Sales and Business Development

Sales are considered to be the heart and the core function of every business and that is why the people who belong to the sales are considered to be the important resource for the business and that is one major reason for which the people belonging to sales receives the starting salaries of about 20,000 to 35,000 Rs. And after a few years of healthy experience, they will be raised about 74,000 to 142,240 Rs.

4. Mechanical Engineering:

Engineers are very much necessary in the business and especially the electrical and mechanical engineers are always the need of the business and having such a high demand gives them one of the most attractive and beneficial salaries in the company. The young and fresh resource in this category is been given the salary ranging from 28,00 to 48,000 while once the experience is being gained then the candidates can be easily crossed over 100,000 and even more in no time.

5. HR Management

Human Resource Management is considered to be the supporting function in the business but still is considered to be an essential function and that is why their pays are also very high and the second reason for the high salaries of such resource is due to the limited resources available as the candidates of HR are mainly in short numbers and that is why their initial salary ranges from 18,000 to 30,000 while experienced HR professionals are paid up to 150,000 Pakistani rupees.

These are all the Highest Paying Jobs/Professions in Pakistan so you can choose any of the professions according to your studies as well as your education. For any of the other information, you can contact us in the comment section given below.

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